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Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) At 25

by Kay
(Queensland, Australia)

Hi, this is my story back in April 2012 I had the implanon removed from arm after having 2 inserted over a 6 year period.

At the start of being on the implanon I got a period on and off for the first year and then it came for a month , I got giving tablets to take to stop it and so I took them, after that I would spot every now and then, but then into my second year after being on it, I had no bleeding what's so ever and that's what the implanon was supposed to do, so I never worried about it. I had the first one removed after the 3 years and then got another one put straight back in, I never got a period on that one and it was in for just shy of the 3 years.

I got married last year after being with my partner for 8 years and all intention on starting a family in the 2012, well that all came crashing down around me after having the implanon removed in April I waited for my period to come after 1 month still no period, I went back to my doctor and he sent me for blood test, I had them done and then got a phone call 2 weeks later from him saying Kay you will not be able to fall pregnant as you estrogen is basically non existent, I did not know what to think I started to cry cause telling me that I could not get pregnant was a big hit, as I have always wanted children, I hung the phone and just sat there crying.

I got sent for some more test after another month to see if there was any changes, still no period it was not looking good, I went for the 2 blood test and it came back the same, estrogen way to high. I ended up going to gyno, she sent me for internal ultra sound and more bloods this time to see if I had a thyroid problem or chroma zone in balance, well it came back that I did not have a problem with either of them, my FSH level came back to sky high reading of 147 and estrogen is about 60 both these should be under 10!

I got told, my ultra sound came back with my uterus line is very thin and my ovaries are extremely tiny with NO folicals seen on ether of them. The gyno I seen said straight blank to me that my eggs were gone and I am going through premature ovarian failure, so take these tablets to build your uterus lining up so that if down the track you want to use donor eggs. My husband and I went out of the room crying beyond repair, I could not believe this was happing to me, my gp rang me and told me to get a second opinion, so I did. I went and seen another gyno this time being a male, he said yes my FSH and estrogen were high but he would not have told me that I was going through premature ovarian failure till waiting 9 months, so I went away feeling a little hopefull.

Here I am now 9 months is up in January I have just had bloods done again and nothing has change, I have been researching all that I can on the Internet and have been having acupuncture done once a week since August to help and also I have lymphatic drainage massage once a week, also reflexology at the same time, I am taking Vitex supplement every day as well as chinese herbs from the acupunture lady and i also started taking 50mg of DHEA a day about 4 weeks ago, cause it has helped so many women improve eggs and there quality also lower the FSH. since April

I have gained about 15kgs and I am currently trying to loose that weight but its really hard I am trying to stay positive, I really want children of my own and will try anything to have that. My local doctors seems to think that it's just going to take time for my body to adjust after being on birth control for so long.

Before being on birth control my period was normal and
like clock work, and had them since i was 11, i started the pill when i was 16 and then change to the implanon when i was 19 till this year.

After being told I had premature menopause and me questing why don't I have the symptoms of menopause, I got shut down and told that my body is well and truly over that stage of symptoms, but my question is, I have never had the symptoms

I think I would remember hot flushes and night sweats and the rest apart from me gaining weight, I still want inter course and I have no dryness down there, so I am very confused as to what's happing to me I am only 25 years old and want answers please help me is there anything else I can to to bring back my period or lower my FSH and estrogen????



Hi Kay,

Your story really sends a strong message to show how long term use of birth control has serious side effects of on the female reproductive system. Supressing ovulation for so many years has put your body in a state of sterility.

The question is: is this state revisable, can you re-gain ovarian activity? Can you begin making healthy follicles and eggs once again?

Unfortunately nobody has the answer, but over the years I have come to believe that the human body has amazing abilities to restore, rejuvenate and repair.

The natural therapies you are now following are going to help you, but it will take longer for sure.

Consider that for every year you have been on birth control, you need to give your body at least 1-2 months of recovery.

Studies have shown that it is normal for women who have been on birth control for many years to begin ovulate within 18 months.

Because you began birth control so early on in your life, your body never really had time to produce proper levels of progesterone, so supplementing with natural progesterone cream can help you.

You are already taking Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which is a steroid hormone make naturally in the adrenal glands. Your body can convert DHEA into the hormones the body needs. It is used to treat adrenal fatigue. See how you feel with this because many women do not metabolize DHEA very well when they have a deep hormonal imbalance.

In my opinion supplementing with natural progesterone cream directly for at least 3 months is best. Talk to your doctor on this and see what your progesterone levels are like, ask for a saliva test not a blood test. You can also get a test kit to do at home.

Because you are only 25 you have time to help your body and you should take this time to regain balance within yourself. I do not believe that you are in menopause; I do believe that your ovaries were never given a chance to function properly due to long term use of contraceptive use. This has put you in a deep state of estrogen sominance condition.

Eliminate Sythetic Hormones After Birth Control

Your body needs to eliminate synthetics hormones that have been accumulating over the years, a fertility detox to help your liver eliminate all the excess estrogen hormones in your body that put you in a state of estrogen dominance. I would recommend at least 2 months of cleansing.

Nourish Your Ovaries and Reproductive Organs

Once you have completed the fertility cleanse, the OvaWise Kit can help your ovaries regain proper function. Consider that you may need to take these products for 4-6 months before seen results.

Make sure to follow the best diet you can, by eating only foods that nourish your reproductive organs, especially your ovaries. These foods are called fertility foods and are:

Maca, Royal Jelly, anti-oxidants like CoQ10, wheatgrass, shiitake mushrooms, bee pollen, brewer’s yeast, and blue-green algae.

Avoid all processed foods, hydrogenated foods and all additives. Do not eat food cooked in a microwave oven and do not eat commercial meat.

Look for deep sea fish and grass feed meat if you can. Do not drink tap water as it contains many pollutants that affect your fertility. Include plenty of organic fruits and vegetables as often as possible during the day. Begin you day with a delicious fertility smoothie.

I hope this helps you,

Fertility Blessings!

Maria Gioia

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by: Anonymous

Hi Maria thanks so much for your reply.

With the progesterone cream can I use that with the DHEA and Vitex? Also someone said to use Progessence Plus have you heard of that or should I just get a progesterone cream?

I am happy with doing a cleanse but can I still take these tablets while doing the fertility cleanse? With the fertility smoothy do you just have that for breakfast with nothing else or as a add on?

What's the difference in a saliva test to a blood test to see what progesterone cream I should have?

I can get my blood test results for that straight away from the doctor but would have to make another appointment to see him for the saliva test, is the one you do your self accurate?

I know I will have to wait for my body to go back to normal, it's just the waiting that's hard I think about it all the time and sometimes then go in to a depression then I snap my self out of it, and think no you can do this prove these doctors wrong.

My husband is so supportive about it and keeps telling me you just got to wait it out. I can only take the DHEA till February cause they say you should not take it longer then 6 months so I am doing 5 months, in December doctor is upping dose to 75mg a day instead of 50mg, so I will see how I go I have not had any side effects as yet thank god but I don't care about them I want a baby.

Thanks for getting back to me!


POF at 25
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Hi Kay,

The best thing is to finish taking the treatment of DHEA till February and then do the fertility cleanse.

The blood test is not as accurate as the saliva testing for progesterone. The saliva testing is more sensitive, so women who have regular progesterone levels in their blood can still show low progesterone if testing with the saliva, but if your blood test indicates low progesterone than the saliva test is not necessary.

The testing helps to know the amount of deficiency your ovaries have to decide exactly how much progesterone cream you have to apply. The trick is to give your ovaries just the required quantity of progesterone and no more.

I don't know Progessence Plus. My what I have gathered, it is a blend of essential oil with wild yam dissolved directly into the oils.

When you chose a progesterone cream or oil, you need to make sure it contains USP progesterone. If it does not say USP, it may not have progesterone in it, just wild yam. This is ineffective for someone with premature ovarian failure. Your ovaries need at least 20 mg of natural progesterone each dayin order to function properly.

Fertilica Natural Progesterone Cream is the one I would recommend.

While natural progesterone cream treats the imbalance by supplying the amount of progesterone the body needs to begin ovulation, Vitex stimulates the body to produce luteinizing hormone to support the corpus luteum during the second phase of the menstrual cycle.

Vitex corrects the imbalance at the source while natural progesterone cream and DHEA are just patching up the problem.

When the imbalance is really high, the best approach is to supplement first and then stimulate the body's own healing response with herbs like Vitex afterwards.

Also, Vitex takes up to 3 months to produce effects and in a woman with premature ovarian failure it may not be able to help right away.

So, what you are doing is fine right now.
Take your fertility smoothie each morning, this is really important. You can take it as you like it, just make sure the fertility foods are all included to support your ovaries to make healthy ovarian tissue.

The ovarian tissue must be really nutritious in order to feed the follicles to maturation.

Also, do self-fertility massage to increase blood circulation to your ovaries.

Let me know how things go!

Fertility Blessings!

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