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Preventing Genetic Disorders Naturally

by Michael E. King
(Stockton, CA.)

My wife is 41, I am 40. She has fertility issues and we are seeking In Vitro Fertilization type measures. What is statistical increased likelihood of chromosomal anomalies such as Down syndrome, klinefelters or prater-Willi type developmental genetic disorders in women over 40?

How To Prevent Age-related Chromosomal Problems

Hi Michael,

Your reproductive endocrinologist will probably explain the increased risks of these types of disorders. If you or your wife are carriers of a specific genetic disorder that can affect your baby, your doctor will recommend genetic testing.

These types of tests are done if there is a family history of genetic disorders. Genetic disorders can be passed on from parents to children with some degree of of frequency depending on each case. Some diseases may no pose any risk to the child, others can be more serious.

Besides, inherited genetic diseases, there are those due to gene mutations within the genetic material of the child that are not inhered from the parents. These can be some what prevented through life style, nutrition and anti-oxidant supplementation. This also applies to chromosomal abnormalities. Chromosomal abnormalities are not inherited but develop during embryo formation at conception or during embryo development during pregnancy.

Down Syndrome, Klinefelters and prater-willi are due to chromosomal abnormalities that increases with age, toxicity, lack of important anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins.

At age 40, the risk of having a baby with Down syndrome is 1 in 100,
Klinefelters is 1 in 500 male births, while prater-willi is 1 in 10,000
live births. Of course these values need to be interpreted as they are just numbers. Other genetic and chromosomal abnormalities more rare can also occur like metabolic disorders. Prenatal testing and natal testing can detect most of these conditions.

The increased risks come from age, parents medical history, level of toxicity, life style, egg and sperm quality.

Modern science has developed many ways to ensure that the healthiest embryos are selected.

If you have chosen to proceed with IVF treatments you can do many things to prepare for it in order to increase the quality of the eggs and sperm and ensure that the healthiest possible baby will develop.

The most important aspect of maintaining eggs and sperm DNA integrity to prevent mutations and chromosomal abnormalities is to avoid toxins and take high dosage of anti-oxidants 3 months before doing IVF.

I would recommend the OvaWise Kit to improve egg quality before IVF in conjunction with Fertility Cleanse Kit to eliminate harmful toxins that can affect egg quality and Self-Fertility Massage to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs to ensure healthy embryo implantation. These natural therapies are known to increase IVF success.

Sperm quality is also very important when preparing for IVF treatments. Sperm cells tend to be weaker in men who smoke, drink alcohol, have taken prescription and non-prescription drugs or have an history of varicocele.

To increase sperm quality, the Male Factor Formula Kit in conjunction with Male Fertility Cleanse will ensure healthy sperm quality for IVF.

Fertility Blessings!

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