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Problem Conceiving On Clomid

by Tricia Summers

I’m 30 yrs of age and have been on clomid 100mg for the past two months and have not get pregnant my partner sperm count is very high and I see my period as normal can there be a problem we don't know about. It seems every time we have sex the sperm just come straight back out.


Hi Tricia,

The fact that the sperm comes right back out is not a problem. This is normal especially if your partner has a good level of sperm volume, this is actually great. Make sure to remain laying down on your back for about 15-20 minutes after having sex to facilitate conception. You can also place a pillow underneath your hips to help raise them. This is supposed to help the sperm swim closer to the cervix as possible.

The problem that most women taking Clomid face is poor fertile cervical mucus. This mucus looks like raw egg white and it is stretchy, slippery and it does not break down easily. This is called fertile cervical mucus because it helps the sperm stay healthy, motile and viable within your reproductive tract just before ovulation occurs. You should have sex the first day you detect this fertile mucus and continue up until you have ovulated. If you do not make enough fertile cervical mucus you will not be able to get pregnant as easily even if Clomid stimulates ovulation because the lack
of fertile mucus can create and hostile environment for the sperm. Unfortunately Clomid may dry up fertile cervical mucus and delay getting pregnancy. If this is your case, what can you?

Use Pre-seed During Intercourse To Keep Sperm Alive Longer

I would recommend using Pre-seed during intercourse. Pre-seed is the only sperm friendly vaginal lubricant available to trying-to-conceive couples that has the same pH and composition of fertile cervical mucus. Using Pre-seed will help increase your odds of conceiving.

Supplement with FertileCM To Produce More Fertile Mucus

To help your body produce more health fertile cervical mucus you can take FertileCM supplement. This supplement is all natural and helps your body produce higher quantities of fertile mucus around ovulation. To increase your chances of conception each month you should have 3-5 days of fertile cervical mucus. If you don’t, this remedy will help you maintain adequate levels. FertileCM also helps embryo implantation after fertilization and strengthens the lining of the endometrium within the surface of the uterus.

Chart and Monitor Your Cycle To Detect Ovulation In advance

In order to know when you are about to ovulate, make sure to chart your cycle regularly, or use a fertility monitor like Ovacue to help you know days in advance when you are about to ovulate.

Fertility Blessings!

PS: Please, don't forget to dowload my free guide to Fertility Charting and Natural Conception to learn more about detecting ovulation and increase your conception chances.

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