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Quick Fertility: How To Enhance Fertility Naturally

by Kayleigh Sheppard
(Sheffield South Yorkshire )


How can I get pregnant quick?


Hi Kayleigh,

Your ability to get pregnant quick depends on many factors. Your level of fertility and hormonal balance play a very important role.

1. Do you have regular periods?

2. Do you regularly chart your cycle and know when you ovulate each month?

3. Do you produce lots of fertile cervical mucus around ovulation?

4. Do you eat healthy all the time?

5. Do you avoid alcohol, smoking and drinking coffee?

6. Does your husband have high sperm count, motility and morphology?

7. Do you have regular sex?

8. Do you avoid stress?

9. Do you take fertility vitamins?

10. Do you drink lots of water?

If you answered Yes! to all the above questions your likelihood to get pregnant quickly is really high.

If you want to increase your odds of getting pregnant consider supplementing with fertility vitamins and use Ovacue to monitor your cycle.

These two simple actions will speed up your conception efforts considerably.

Visit this site to learn more about natural products that will help you get pregnant fast.

Fertility Blessings!

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What can i do to get pregnant at 38
by: Nita

Hi, am 38 and a mother of 2 girls 13 and 4, and need to have another baby but I have been trying to have sex on my unsafe days , I started it since dec, 2012 but still I haven't been able to get pregnant please help me .


Hi Nita,

At 38 your hormones have a tendency to fluctuate more than when you are younger, you may need to support your body during your monthly cycle and support egg quality. The best way is to eat healthy foods and to take fertility vitamins like FertilAid. These vitamins boost fertility and help produce healthy fertile mucus. Other remedies that will help make healthy eggs are Maca, royal jelly and CoQ10.

Many blessings!

26 yrs old diagonised with PCOD
by: Shazen

I am 26 years old and diagonised with pcod my doctor advised me metformin. Do you have any other way to clear pcod and conceive fast?


Hi Shazen,

Polycystic Ovarian Disease is a condition that can be managed naturally. Many women who have chosen an alternative approach have been able to conceive without using fertility drugs or IVF.

The key factors in PCOD is to maintain hormonal balance and to follow very healthy diet that helps the body maintain stable levels of glucose in the blood and that is rich in anti-oxidants to help support healthy eggs at ovulation.

A great alternative approach for PCOD is doing fertility yoga to maintain healthy energy flow through the body and to support your metabolism.

I would also recommend learning more about the HormoneWise Kit. This kit was designed to address all the symptoms and hormonal imbalances associated with PCOD.

Also, in order to conceive fast, make sure that you are charting your cycle and know exactly when you are about to ovulate. If you are not ovulating regularly, consider that your body will needs a few cycles to reach balance at the hormonal level and be able to produce healthy eggs.

Your diet is very important, especially if you are experiencing other symptoms often associated with PCOD like weight gain, mood swings and sugar imbalance.

Eat lots of fresh vegetables and avoid highly process foods.

I would strongly recommend reading this eBook on PCOD. I like this book because it teaches you more about the real underlining cause of this condition and how to reverse infertility and get pregnant naturally.

You will have to change your life style and learn what it is good for you and what you should avoid.

Many Blessings!

i have endometriosis and adenomyosis
by: meg

Good eve... my doctor said that I uave endometriosis and adenomyosis... my right ovary was removed because of cyst... may I know what food or vitamins will help me to conceive? Tnx


Hi Meg,

More and more studies on endometriosis suggest a link between endometrial tissue growth and formation with environmental pollutants in the air, water and soil. These are called xenoestrogens and are considered to be hormonal disruptors. The first and most important thing is to become wise and try to avoid xenoestrogens as much as possible. They bind to the estrogen receptors in the body causing excess estrogen, which in turn seems to fuel endometriosis.

It is possible to mitigate and treat endometriosis naturally. The EndoWise Fertility Kit is a great way to support normal endometrial tissue function in preparation for a healthy pregnancy.

Many Blessings!

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