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Recurrent miscarriage

by Amrin Hakim
(Thane, maharashtra, India)

I am 27 and married for 4 years. I hada miscarrige at 5 months during 1 year of marriage. Then I did not concieve for 2 years. Recently, I again had a miscarriage of 1.5 months.

All my husband's tests and mine are normal such as chromosomal study of couple, toxo etc. What can be the problem? Please help I am really worried.


Hi Amrin Hakim,

Many women who experience recurrent miscarriage will eventually conceive healthy children, so do not despair. Since both you and your husband have tested negative for chromosomal related problems, it is important to work on two levels.

1.Eliminate toxins from your body that may affect your pregnancy and your baby. For more information on a great fertility cleanse, follow this link.

2.Address any reproductive weaknesses by using homeopathic medicine and follow a good homeopathic fertility program like this one by consulting with a fertility homeopath in your area if available.

3. Consider a nutritional approach to miscarriage by improving your diet and your egg quality. The quality of the sperm is also important, so your husband should also follow a vefy healthy diet.

Fertility Blessings!

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Emotional Recovery After Miscarriage
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

When you lose one pregnancy we feel really sad and down, but hope that everything goes well with the second one.

But when miscarriage happens again, you begin to feel very insecure about your ability to have a child ever and sadness and despari often sets in. I know because I have been there.

I am here to tell you that there is hope, like in my case, efter adn ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage, I have three kids now.

There has been struggles and lots of sadness to get to this result, but all went well.

Like me I know many women who had the same struggles and finally conceived and caried healthy pregnancies to term.

My advise to you is to relax and find ways to help your spirit lift if you feel down about miscarriage.

Circle and Bloom heas this amaizing free audio program for women to help them recover.

Visit Circle and Bloom to learn more about this program.

I hope you will soon conceive!

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