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Regenerate the Sperm

I had Nephrotic syndrome at the age of 19, I had use cytoxan due to this I have lost my fertility. With homeopathy, would it be possible to boost the reproductive system to produce healthy sperm? Please tell me more about this.


Cytoxan accumulation within the male body causes to the destruction of the germinating sperm cells resulting in permanent male infertility.

Because of this most couples decide to store the semen before starting treatment with Cytoxan. In some cases, brief exposures may not completely ruin fertility. So, it really depends on each case individually. Long term exposure will cause a permanent loss.

It is hard to say what homeopathic medicines can do to help your case. It is very important to consult with a fertility expert and do all the required testing to see if you produce any spermatozoa at all.

If you do homeopathic medicine may help boost your sperm count and re-establish your fertility. If not, homeopathic medicine will most likely not be able to help your case.

I would recommend that you consult with a classical homeopath in your area. He or She will take your entire case and past medical history and may be able to help you.

Other possible natural therapies are Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

If you are desperate to have a child consider other options like donor sperm.

All the best!

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