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Secondary Infertility Stress and Poor Diet

I have been trying for my second child for two years. We had no problem conceiving our first child. We were not trying with him. The doctors can't find anything wrong. We have tried eight IUI's and fertility drugs. I had three great eggs and my husband's sperm was great.

Is stress the cause or is there something wrong? I was told to forget about it and it will happen.

Will message therapy help with my stress?
I have bad eating habitats too!




Hi Michelle,

Stress is definitely a factor and it is true that many couples who give up getting pregnant end up conceiving when least expected.

If you are willing to find ways to release stress you will certainly increase your chances of conceiving. I would recommend doing fertility yoga to help you release stress and boost fertility.

Body massage also helps release stress and if you can find a registered massage therapist that specialized in infertility you will gain an added benefit as massage can increase circulation to the reproductive organs and stimulate regular ovulation cycles, unblock fallopian tubes and support the lining of the uterus.

Other factors you may want to consider that may be able to help you conceive are:

1. Toxicity

Toxicity in your body affects the production of your hormones and the quality of your eggs. Toxins come from additives in foods, pesticides found in fruits and vegetables, from medications, from smoking, from metals found in fish and tap water. Studies have shown how artificial hormones and antibiotics found meat and dairy products can contribute to infertility.

The best way to prepare for pregnancy is to detox.

2. Poor Fertile Mucus

If you do not produce healthy fertile mucus during ovulation, your chances of conceiving decrease dramatically. The cervical mucus helps to nourish and protect sperm and facilitates sperm transport during intercourse. In order to fertilize the egg, the sperm must swim through the cervix and uterus and ultimately to the fallopian tube. Low quality and quantity of this
type of mucus will prevent conception.

Also fertility drugs like Clomid are known to decrease fertile mucus production.

If your fertile mucus production is low, you can supplement your diet with FertileCM natural supplement.

3. Lack Of Important Fertility Nutrients

Your diet is key in making healthy eggs. When trying to conceive, it's important to follow a healthy diet. You can improve your diet simply by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and by selecting whole grains and only eating organically raised meat and dairy products.

Eliminate all process foods as much as possible, give up drinking coffee and drink 8 glasses of purified water (do not drink tap water) each day.

Avoid eating artificial sweeteners, monosodium glutamate foods, hydrogenated foods and soy products.

Taking fertility vitamins can also help supply the body with the most important nutrients necessary to make healthy eggs and balance your hormones.

4. Poor Ovulation

When a woman ovulate later or has irregular ovulation cycles, the reproductive system is in a weakened state.

A herbal tonic can be very beneficial in this case. FertiliTea has been designed specifically for women who are trying to conceive and need extra support.

This fertility tea tastes really good and it is a great substitute for unhealthy drinks like coffee and carbonated beverages. This tea contains all the necessary herbal remedies needed to support ovulation, strengthen the uterus and nourish the body in preparation for pregnancy.

If your doctors cannot find anything wrong with you a little help from natural health to boost your fertility may be just what your body needs.

I would recommend trying natural fertility products, specifically designed to improve female fertility and prepare for healthy conception.

The best way to start is with the complete bundle for her kit. This kit should be taken for at least three month before actively trying to conceive. You can continue for as long as needed to make sure your body as all the required nutrients. Once you get confirm pregnancy stop taking these supplements and switch to prenatal supplements

Fertility Blessings!

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