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Secondary Infertility

I got married on July 2005 and gave birth to a baby in June 2006 she expired within 3 days due to bilirubin as i m AB negative and my husband 0 positive. Now I want to conceive but still I haven’t as I consulted a homeopath, she told that I am having retroverted uterus; though I m having treatment for that but I also have problem of water flow. I m helpless to say that its vaginal or uterine ;I just have it when I feel excess urine or when I walk to much or when I do excess of work ;this secretion do not lead to any pain, only when i walk too much i get tired and feel lower back pain. I must tell I am 24 year old 64kg by weight and 5.2 of height .please guide me my periods are also of low flow or sometimes no flow, but spotting. I’m so confused that either I can get pregnant or not? And please do tell that as I m not having any pain so I don’t think its endometriosis or is it? Please do tell me, waiting for your reply, confused!

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Homeaopthy for secondary infertility
by: Anonymous

Excessive vaginal discharge is often related to yeast infection or other vaginal infections. To make sure, you should ask your doctor. Spotting between periods or instead of periods is often related to hormonal issue possibly due low progesterone, poor ovarian response or even thyroid issues, when need to e further investigated by your family physician. In order for you to be diagnosed with endometriosis you need an ultrasound performed by a specialist in this medical field.

Sometimes a fertility cleanse and fertilityself massage is the best way to stimulate healthy ovulation and cleanse the uterus.
Homeopathic medicine can help improve your fertility in many ways. Since you already conceived and gave birth, your body has the ability to get pregnant again. Sometimes after a traumatic experiece the body has difficulty gaining back hormonal balance. Homeopathy can help women in this situation reach a level of health and conceive naturally.
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All the best,

Maria Gioia Atzori,
BSc Hons, MS, DSHomMed Hons, DWH Hom
Fertility Coach and Homeopathic Practitioner

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