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The Seven Chakras Energy Centers & Fertility

The Chrakra System of Healing

The chakra system is made of seven chakras or seven energy centers which serve as a gateway for the flow of energy and life into the physical body. They are called energy centers because the subtle energy system that surrounds and permeates the human body concentrates in these areas. Our body is made of molecules and atoms which vibrate at a specific frequency.

The vibrational orchestra of all our subatomic particles in all our atoms produces an electromagnetic field that surrounds us and surrounds every cell, tissue and organ of our body. We are both made of physical matter and subtle energy. The human energy field is the result of this.

The seven chakras respond to energy vibration and can become unbalanced when the energy flow becomes clogged or blocked by stress, illness and negativity. If you have been diagnosed with infertility, chakra balancing can be very beneficial to support the body in re-aligning all 7 energy centers.

Balancing Your Seven Chakras

Each chakra can be balanced by placing your Reiki hand or a healing crystal on the area where the energy center is located.

According to ancient Indian texts, the chakras are arranged along the spinal column and are represented by a specific color and sound. Each chakra is associated with a particular mental, emotional and physical function.

The main purpose of understanding the seven chakras is to create wholeness within ourselves and to get to know ourselves at a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. The result is deep healing, awareness, peace and empowerment.

When you are experiencing infertility your chakras system is out of balance. In most cases the first two chakras are mostly out of balance. However, it is my understanding that if the energy flowing through the chakra system is impaired at the level of one chakra, it will affect all the others.

Each lower chakra corresponds to a higher one, so if the first chakra is unbalanced and you are feeling ungrounded you may have an unbalanced heart chakra. If your second chakra is out of balance your throat chakra may also be unbalanced.

Learn how to harmonize and balance your chakras.

Understanding The Chakra System and Fertility

1st Chakra (Root Chakra): This chakra governs the energy flow at the base of your spine and it vibrates with frequencies of survival and security. If this chakra becomes unbalanced you feel ungrounded and unsupported. This is often seen in women who are away from their family or social and cultural roots.

If they feel unconnected to their social and family environment they energy through this chakra is impaired and it may affect child birth and even conception, especially if the women feel she is responsible for providing for the primary needs of the baby.

It is very important for these women to connect with a community of support and spend time with other women from which draw support and emotional security.

2nd Chakra (Sacral Chakra): This chakra is the most important one as far as reproduction and conception is concerned because this chakra is the seat of the energy that the body uses for physical creation.

If the energy moving through this chakra is blocked, the woman will manifest painful periods, reproductive issues and even infertility.

This is the energy center for creativity and financial abundance. Many couples may have weak second chakras due to the financial burden of fertility treatments or by simply feeling the financial pressure of raising a family.

3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus): This chakra vibrates with the energy of personal power and your ability to manifest your life goals. Women who have conflicts between becoming a mother and reaching their personal or career goals many have issues at the level of this chakra.

They often feel stuck and unable to move forward in making empowered decision like having a baby. They often postpone and postpone until it is too late.

4th Chakra (Heart Chakra): This chakras is about self-love, motherly love and loving relationships. When this chakra is out of balance you may experience depression, lack of self-love and by extension poor relationships with others. This often may create difficult relationship in a marriage due to infertility issues.

Women who are unable to conceive right away or who are going through infertility, often have an unbalanced 4th chakra due to a sense of sadness for not been able to have a baby. They feel it is their fault. They need to learn how to love themselves first and allow others to support and nurture them as well.

5th Chakra (Throat Chakra): This is the chakra of authentic self-expression. Holding on to what you feel and think and not expressing the truth within you may creates an imbalanced chakra.

When this chakra is blocked you are unable to expresse your feeling and what you are going through if you have been diagnosed with infertility. You may not want to talk about it or you are always talking about it in the attempt to reach a solution to your situation.

In this case, it would be very beneficial to keep a diary or a journal in which you can let all your fears, worries and negative emotions be expressed.

6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra): Blockages at the level of this chakra will cause you to loose your intuitive abilities.

If you feel unfocussed and lack clarity about your future due to a problem related to infertility or are unsure about what treatment to follow, spend some time in meditation to reconnect with your inner guidance.

7th Chakra (Crown Chakra): When this chakra is blocked you feel like you have no choices, or you are constantly changing your mind because you are over-thinking your situation.

Working on creating balance is vital when making a decision about your life.

The following chart describes each of the seven chakras. As you read each chakra you will realize which one of your chakra(s) is out of balance.

If so, use proven energy techniques to bring balance back into place. If you feel the issues you are experiencing are too deep for you to deal with them on your own, seek help from a qualified practitioner.

Here Are The Seven Chakras At Glace:










Base of spine



Aggression, survival, self-acceptance, confidence.

Manifestation, material success and expression. Grounding, vitality, courage, stability, security.

Adrenal glands, legs, hip, rectum, constipation, spinal problems.



Lower abdomen



Sexual difficulties, jealousy, envy, desire to possess.

Giving and receiving, Joy, pleasure, creativity, conceiving new ideas, sexuality, change and family.

Reproductive disorders, PMS, irregular periods in women, impotence in men, infertility, bowels and bladder problems.


(Solar Plexus)

At the base of the ribcage



Unknown fears and anxieties. Taking in more than one can assimilate. Too much focus on gaining personal power and recognition.

Transformation, awakening, energy, personal power.

Stomach, liver gallbladder, digestion, pancreas, adrenals, cellular metabolism.



Center of the chest at the level of the sternum

Green and pink


Suppressed emotions (anger, fear and hate), feels unlovable, abandonment, emotional instability, and emotional hurt.

Unconditional love, peace, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, oneness with life. Self-expression, productivity.

Blood circulation, relationships and personal development. Heart, lungs, immune system, and blood/circulation problems.



Throat area



Misunderstanding, depression, thyroid problems. Voice, neck pain, lower jaw.

Linked to the sacral chakra.

Effective and powerful communication, kindness, creative communication spoken and written.

Speech, communication, thyroid, parathyroid, hypothalamus, throat & mouth.



Center of the forehead between the eyebrows



Lack of concentration, fear, tension and depression.

Linked to the root chakra.

Intuition, insights, imagination, concentration, wisdom, perception beyond duality.

Pituitary gland, nose, ears, Left eye. Headaches, eye problems, sleeping problems, hormonal imbalance, sinuses and ears.



Top of the head



Lack of stamina confusion, depression.

Oneness with the infinite, spiritual will, consciousness, unity and divine wisdom.

Pineal gland, cerebral cortex, central nervous system, right eye.

"The Chakra System is the anatomic blueprint of your energetic body. As in biological and medical sciences people learn about the anatomical and physiological aspects of the human body, the seven chakras are the energetic anatomical components of the spirit."

If so, use either Reiki or gemstones and healing crystals to bring balance back into place. If you feel the issues you are experiencing are too deep for you to deal with them on your own, seek help from a qualified practitioner.

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