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Sperm Health And Changes Of Conception


Can couples make love, on fertile days and still not conceive, if yes what may be reasons.

Thank you!


Yes! Not all couple who conceive at the right time, been healthy and fertile will end up in a pregnancy.

This is just nature. Studies have shown that couple have about 20% changes of conceiving every month, even if they do everything right.

This percent value changes with age. In fact, at 20, a fertile woman's chances of conceiving each month are approximately 30%. At 30, it is 20% and by 40, it drops down to 5%.

So, a woman who is 20 years old will have about 75% to 90% chance of conceiving over a period of 12 months. Over that same time period, a 40 year old woman has a less than 50% chance.

The age of the male partner is not as important as men seem to decrease sperm health after 50 years of age. Unfortunately more and more men over 35 seem to experience some kind of reproductive weakness due to lack of important vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in the diet paired with a stressful life style.

The best way to improve boost egg quality and sperm health is to supplement a healthy diet with fertility vitamins.

Fertility Blessings!

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