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Sperm Test Kit At Home: Affordable, Convenient and Accurate Sperm Count Test

A count sperm test is also referred to as semen analysis. Male testing for infertility problems is an essential part of determining if a couple can conceive naturally. Not many men know that sperm count is nowadays a very common problem and that male infertility is on the rise. 

Using A Sperm Test Kit

SpermCheck is an easy-to-use at home sperm test for male sperm count. When a couple cannot conceive within 6-12 months of unprotected intercourse, both partners should have fertility testing done. It is really best to have a sperm test done as soon as possible because there is so much a men can do to increase sperm count naturally.

We often think that a failure to conceive is related to female problems, but as many as 40% of infertile couples find that the cause is indeed due to male infertility.

Many men are very reluctant to go see their doctor and have their sperm tested. The best way is to use a home sperm test, like Sperm Check that can give you reliable results. 

How to Set Up The Sperm Test Kit

To Use this sperm test kit you will need to use a times or a stop watch.

Make sure to so the following steps:

1. Let semen stand for at least twenty (20) minutes in the Semen Collection Cup before testing. During this period of time the sperm will liquefy. If the semen is too think, the test will not be done correctly.

2. Take out the Semen Transfer Device from its sealed pouch and use it to stir the semen in the cup for about 10 times until it is well mixed.

3. The side of the box has a round perforation area, make sure this creates a stand you can use to hold the SpermCheck Solution Bottle.

4. Remove the cap of the Solution Bottle and place it bottle upright in the hold.

5. Insert the Semen Transfer Device into the semen sample. Make sure there is no solid or sticky material within the semen.

6. Pull plunger and allow the semen to go into the Semen Transfer Device. It should reach the black line on the tube.

7. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the Semen Transfer Device. If you see bubble, you need to do this process again. Make sure to do it very slowly.

8. Insert the Semen Transfer Device with semen into the SpermCheck Solution Bottle and push the plunger gently to add all of the semen to the SpermCheck Solution.

9. Screw the cap back onto the SpermCheck Solution Bottle and gently mix the contents thoroughly.

10. Let the SpermCheck Solution Bottle containing the semen mixture stand for two minutes.

11. Open the foil pouch containing the test device. Remove the SpermCheck Device and lay it face up on a flat surface.

12. Add exactly six drops of the semen mixture to the sample well (S) of the test device.

13. You can read the results at seven minutes.

How To Read The Results

Before reading the sperm test kit results make sure that a line is present at the Control (C). Please note that It does not matter how strong or weak a particular line is.

If the test worked properly, you should see a reddish line next to the C. If you do not see a line at the C position, your test did not run correctly and the results are not valid.

Next, look at the test line position in the result window (marked with the letter T). If you see a reddish line here, your sperm count is at least 20 million sperm per milliliter (positive). If you do not see a line at the T position, your sperm count is below 20 million sperm per milliliter (negative) and you should consult a physician about a complete fertility evaluation.

Many men like to used a sperm test kit at home because they want to know about their fertility status privately and avoid, if possible, the anxiety or inconvenience that often goes along with having a clinical semen analysis.

Low Sperm Count

The fewer sperm a man produces, the lower the likelihood that one of them will be able to successfully fertilize the egg. Unfortunately, low sperm count is one of the main causes of reproductive problems in couples having a hard time conceiving.

There are many benefits of knowing if sperm count is a problem for you. The sooner a fertility issue is discovered, the sooner proper treatment can be started. Possible treatments include over-the-counter male fertility supplements like FertilAid for Men and CountBoost for Men.

 Fertility Blessings!

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