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Stomach Cramps After Ovulation

I get stomach cramps for two weeks after ovulation what causes it?

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Pain After Ovulation
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

It is possible to experience pain or discomfort during and after ovulation. This pain often resembles a cramping feeling. The pain that is caused by ovulation has the following characteristics:

1. It is felt in the lower abdomen.
2. It is felt two weeks before the menstrual period is due.
3. Is felt only on one side or it can go from site to side.
4. Can last for up to two days.

The causes of ovulation pain depends on the fact that the developing follicle that then ruptures in order to release the egg.

If the pain is prolonged and lasts more than two days, or it it could indicate another medical condition that needs to diagnosed by a medical doctor.

For example:

1. Endometriosis is is due to the fact that the lining of the endometrium is displaced and grows in other areas of the pelvic cavity like the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, bowels etc. This tissue responds to hormonal stimulation related to the menstrual cycle. Endometriosis is often associated to pain during intercourse and during the menses.

2. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease .

3. Salpingitis, which is caused by the inflammation of the Fallopian tubes.

4. Ovarian cysts, which become often filled with fluid and cause disconfort. The may be functinal cycyts and shrink on their own over a few mentrual cycles.

5. Fibroids.

6. Intestinal problems.

7. Gastric problems due to inflammation.

As you can see the causes can be many. The best way is to consult with your doctor who can prescribe medical diagnostic tests in order to determine what your specific situation is like and be able to provide the best treatment for your case.

All the best!

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