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Struggling To Conceive With Low AMH Levels

I am 29 and my husband is 34 and we have been trying to have a baby for 4 years. We have seen a fertility specialist and all of our tests have been normal except my last one stating my AMH level is low at 9.2. I am under a lot of stress and was wondering what would help to improve my ovarian reserve level?

Stress, toxicity and unhealthy dietary habits are the main causes of poor ovarian reserves.

At 29 you still have lots of time to increase the quality of your eggs naturally and get pregnant by following a few steps:

Fertility Cleanse/Detox

Eliminate harmful toxins from your body. The best way to begin improving your fertility and create hormonal balance is by following The Fertility Cleanse.

The fertility cleanse is specifically designed for women who are preparing for conception and want to clear out harmful toxins that may be affecting fertility. The fertility cleanse helps liver detoxification and uterine cleansing.
Following this cleanse for at least two months will increase blood flow to the ovaries and reproductive organs, improve hormonal balance, decrease menstrual pain, and reduce pelvic inflammation.

Fertility Diet

There are certain foods that supress ovulation and should be avoided while trying to conceive. Eat healthy and follow the guidelines of the Fertility Diet to make sure that foods you eat are not affecting your ovarian health.

Self Fertility massage

Women who have poor ovarian reserves have poor blood circulation to the ovaries. By practicing self-fertility massage, you can increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your ovaries and stimulate ovulation by applying massage on yourself. You can easily learn how to do self-fertility massage by using The Self-fertility Massage DVD. This DVD shows you step by step how to apply massage, reflexology and acupressure points to support hormonal balance, increase circulation to the reproductive organs, and stimulate regular ovulation cycles.

Fertility Foods for Healthy Eggs

To support healthy ovarian tissue and healthy follicle and egg development you need to add specific fertility nutrients to your diet. These are all included in the Improve Egg Health Kit. This kit has been designed for women who have poor egg reserves, premature ovarian failure, and
poor egg quality. You can help your body increase egg reserves by taking The Healthy Eggs Kit for at least two months (after doing the fertility cleanse for 2 months) and continue until conception is achieved.

Women with low AMH levels need a constant support in order to be able to conceive naturally.

The following are the nutrients contained in the Improve Egg Health Kit:

1. Women's Whole Food Multivitamins:

In order to increase egg numbers your body needs a constant supply of minerals and vitamins. Every women who is preparing for pregnancy needs to take multivitamins specifically. I recommend Women's Whole Food multivitamin, which is 100% whole food and contains organic ingredients.

2. L-Arginine

L Arginine increases ovarian response, and endometrial receptivity preventing miscarriage. L-Arginine increases blood flow to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes allowing nutrients to flow to the ovaries and help increase egg quality and egg production.

3. Network Antioxidants

The number of your eggs is important but in order to conceive a healthy baby the quality of your egg sis even more important. Taking a blend of antioxidants helps ensure higher egg quality by protect cell DNA. Antioxidants are necessary to prevent mutations and chromosomal abnormalities because help the body fight the damaging effects of free-radicals on the cells. Free-radicals can cause damage to all of the cells of your body but specifically your eggs. Antioxidants prevent free-radicals damage and help the cells to repair themselves.


Maca is often referred to as fertility super food. It helps to balance the hormones by nourishing and balancing the endocrine system. It supports the adrenal glands and progesterone to estrogen balance.

Royal jelly

Royal jelly is known to increase egg quality and egg number. Royal jelly contains high amounts of proteins, lipids, glucides, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, minerals, and biocatalysts necessary in cell.

Royal jelly is rich in protein, vitamins B-1, B-2, B-6, C, E, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, inositol and folic acid.

To have best effects on ovulation and egg quality, Royal jelly should be taken for at least 2 consecutive months before attempting conception.

I hope this plans gives you a place to start improving your ovarian reserve levels to help you conceive soon.

Fertility Blessings!

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