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Supplements For Conception

by Bhumi

I have been trying to conceive a baby many times, but I have failed. Please, give me a solution.


Hi Bhumi,

There are 3 important factors that cause women to fail to conceive:

1. Failure to detect ovulation.
2. Lack of fertile cervical mucus.
3. Irregular cycle.

The best way to get started is by monitoring your menstrual cycle. This will provide important information regarding your ovulation pattern.

If you have been trying to conceive for a while and are not obtaining any results, then I would recommend using Ovacue fertility monitor. Many women decide to use it in order to be able to detect ovulation as early as 5-7 days. This gives them lots of time to plan intercourse ensuring a faster conception. More and more fertility specialists recommend using Ovacue because it is accurate and very practical.

The next thing I would recommend is to take fertility vitamins that support your hormonal balance, stimulate ovulation and help you produce healthy fertility mucus. This is very important when trying to conceive a baby. Fertile cervical mucus helps keep the sperm alive inside the vagina longer thus increasing your chances of conception. Many women don`t realize that the lack of fertile mucus is often the cause of their inability to get pregnant.

I would recommend FertilAid for Women and FertileCM.

FertilAid for Women is a doctor-designed supplement that contains a full prenatal vitamin supplement plus a blend of fertility herbs. The multivitamins give you adequate amounts of folic acid, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, while the herbs help you regulate the hormones and normalize your menstrual cycle.

The most important ingredient in this formula is Vitex. This herbal remedy has been extensively studied and has been scientifically proven to increase fertility by supporting the luteal phase and the production of progesterone. Vitex also lowers high FSH and prolactin levels in women with PCOS.

FertileCM is designed to improve both the quantity and quality of a woman's cervical mucus. In addition to mucus production, FertileCM helps to strengthen the uterine lining for better implantation of the embryo.

FertilAid for Women and FertileCM complement one another and were formulated to be taken safely together. Both are natural, non-prescription supplements designed to improve overall reproductive health and help you conceive.

Fertility Blessings!

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About The Fertility Vitamins
by: Bumi

Which non-prescription vitamins should I take, without consulting a gynecologist and that will help me conceive a baby easily?

FertilAid Vitamins For Fertility
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

I would recommend FertilAid Starter Pack. These fertility vitamins are non-prescription supplements designed to facilitate conception.

They have been formulated by a gynaecologist, so they are safe and effective, but in order to get them you do not need a medical prescription. They can be ordered straight from their website.
They ship in most countries all around the world.

There many success pregnancy stories & positive reviews from women and men who have been able to get pregnant thanks to these supplements.

Click here to read their reviews by yourself

Many Blessings!

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