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Treating Ovarian Cysts

Hello, I saw your recommendation for using natural progesterone cream for treating function ovarian cysts.

You follow Dr. Lee on this when you recommend using it from days 10-28. But I was wondering where you are getting your info for staring it after ovulation for women who are trying to conceive. If one starts the cream after ovulation wouldn't that then no in fact be following the Lee method of suppressing it?

Have you found that it also works to dissolve cysts when not suppressing ovulation?

Thank you,

J. Marie Powers


According to Dr. Lee adding natural progesterone from day 10 through 26 of the cycle suppresses ovulation and helps reduce and eliminate ovarian cysts.

It is very important to supress ovulation in order to treat ovarian cysts.

Progesterone simulates a pregnancy and inhibits ovulation preventing further ovarian stimulation.

According to Dr. Lee research, by applying progesterone cream from day 10 to day 26 for 2-3 months, the ovarian tissue is not stimulated thus allowing enough time to re-absorb the ovarian cyst naturally. I find this to be true.

Most women who develop ovarian cysts want to continue using progesterone cream to balance the hormones and prevent more ovarian cyst to form as the principal cause of ovarian cysts formation is an excess of estrogen hormone (estrogen dominance).

The protocol of using natural progesterone cream from day 14 (or after ovulation is confirmed) until day 28 should be done only after the cyst has been eliminated.

This protocol still comes from Dr. Lee research to maintain hormonal balance in women with estrogen dominance and who are trying to conceive or who are still ovulating.

So, the way to use progesterone cream in women who want to conceive but have been diagnosed with ovarian cyst is to:

1. Follow Dr. Lee protocol for 2-3 months and apply natural progesterone cream from day 10-26 of the menstrual cycle.

2. After this period is over and the ovarian cyst has shrieked down or disappeared, to continue to support hormonal balance, progesterone cream can be applied from day 14 to day 28. In women who have estrogen dominance and are trying to conceive, this may be necessary in order to support the luteal phase in case pregnancy occurs. It’s ideal to have a luteal phase of at least 14 days to allow implantation.

I hope this helps you,

Many Blessings!

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