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Trying Again After Ectopic Pregnancy

I recently had an ectopic pregnancy, I didn't go through any surgery but instead had 2 shots of methotrexate for two consecutive weeks. My doctor says I can try again after one normal period cycle. I am extremely worried if this may repeat. I also feel slight pain near my right ovary where the ectopic occurred and am wondering if there is a scarring. Is this common? Can you recommend when I should try to conceive again?

Reply: Trying Again After Ectopic Pregnancy

Methotrexate is a drug used for treating cancer, autoimmune diseases, ectopic pregnancies and to induce abortions. It is known to act as an inhibitor of folic acid metabolism and prevent cell growth.

Folic acid is known to be very important as a preconception vitamin in the prevention of spina bifida and neuro tubal defects.
The human body needs folate to synthesize DNA, repair DNA, and methylate DNA (for gene expression). Folate is important during embryogenesis (pregnancy) and growth (infancy) because it stimulates rapid cell division.

Methotrexate is a highly teratogenic drug , which means that it can cause birth defects because it inhibits cell growth. That's why it is used to treat cancers and ectopic pregnancies.

Using this drug in the case of an ectopic pregnancy is not only life saving but especially
important in preventing damage of the Fallopian tube. If the embryo keeps on growing it can rupture the tube.

To offset the toxic effects of this drug a fertility cleanse would be recommended. Also, making sure to have adequate intake of prenatal vitamins or better of fertility vitamins with special focus on folic acid in the amount of at least 1 mg per day to prevent deficiency.
Taking the time of follow a good prenatal program that consists on healthy, nutrition, vitamins minerals and detox will ensure that your next pregnancy will be a healthy one.

There is little you can do to prevent having another ectopic pregnancy, but once you have you will be at risk. Most ectopic pregnancy are caused by scarring on the fallopian tube or ovary and this can be treated with homeopathic medicine. Thiosinaminum 6X taken daily for a period of 4-6 months is recommended by most homeopath to treat scarred fallopian tubes. Castor oil packs and self fertility massage can also help reabsorb scar tissue.

I would also recommend learning more about the Fallopian Wise Kit to help prepare your fallopian tubes for a healthy pregnancy.

Do not worry about your next pregnancy, most women who had an ectopic pregnancy ended up having healthy pregnancies after that, including myself.

Fertility Blessing!

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One Fallopian Tube Left
by: Em

What can I do or Take to improve my chances of conceiving? I lost my other tube 4 months ago due to ectopic complications.

Hi Em,

I would recommend using the FallopianWise Fertility Kit to help make sure the other tube is completely is healthy. If the ectopic pregnancy was caused by scar tissue or endometriosis, this kit will help decrease scar tissue adhesions and endometriosis.

If is also recommended to do a fertility cleanse before conception in order to help your body eliminate excess estrogen that in some cases can be the root cause of tubal pregnancy.

Fertility Blessings!

Failing to Concieve After Ectopic Pregnancy
by: Star

2 years ago I had an ectopic pregnancy, my right hand side tube was ruptured because the egg burst while in the tube. I is close to a year and half now trying to conceive but I am failing. Please help me I need to have my own child. What should I do? I cry everyday when I think of this, please please please help me. Tellme what to do.


Hi Star,

Consider doing a physical activity like yoga. It will help you a lot because yoga helps mind-body healing in a very gentle way while supporting relaxation, and stress release.

Most women go on having children after one ruptured Fallopian tube provided that the other tube is fine, that she ovulates regularly and has enough fertile cervical mucus around ovulation time. And also provided that her husband has healthy sperm count.

If you have not been able to conceive after two years you should consult with a fertility doctor to investigate your fertility status and make sure that everything is in working order.

I tell you this because women who had a tubal pregnancy are at higher risk of having another one if certain risk factors are not prevented.

The risk factors associated with ectopic pregnancy are:

1. Salpingitis or inflammation of the Fallopian tubes.
2. Inflammation of the uterus or ovaries due to pelvic inflammatory disease.
3. Infection past or current of tuberculosis, candidia, gonorrhea or chlamydia.
4. Use of fertility drugs and long term use of birth control.
5. Damaged or unusually shaped Fallopian tubes.
6. Use of intrauterine device (IUD).
7. Low progesterone levels.
8. Endometriosis.
9. Hydrosalpinx, fluid build up in the Fallopian tubes. This is the main cause of blocked tube, giving the tube a characteristic sausage-like shape.
10. Toxicity, which is the main cause of infertility.

It is possible to prevent most of the above conditions naturally by following a healthy diet. I would recommend the Fertility Cook Book that teaches how to cook to bust your fertility. Preparing healthy meals is key in helping your body recuperate physically and mentally after your loss.

The next step is to cleanse your body from toxins. When your liver is overwhelmed by toxins, your body may experience hormonal imbalance, poor egg quality and poor metabolic response.

I would recommend doing the Fertility Cleanse for at lease one month.

After that to support you Fallopian tube, Fallopian Wise Kit is an excellent way to make sure your tube is healthy to allow you to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy.

Don' t despair, you will be soon a Mom.

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