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Trying To Conceive After 2 Miscarriages

Hi, Ii am 29 years old. I had my 1st miscarriage in October 2009 (6 weeks) and next in February 2010.

After that around June 2010 I was diagnosed with TB after performing KOCH TEST(AURO-TB-PCR-1) of the menstrual blood. I took akt4 for 6 months. Then after I got my follicular studies done and HSG Test done in 2011. All reports are normal. We also got my husband semen's test done which is also normal.

Lastly I got TNF alpha done and the result was alarming( 688.461 pg/ml) also CD56+CD16+Cell:- 12.3
CD56 Cells:- 21.7

Apart from this all the other tests which we have done were all normal.

Now I am confused as my one gynae says I should get a immune modulation done (take out white blood cells from my husband's blood and inject it to me) and the other one says IVF is a better option.

kindly advise what is best for me:-
1. wait for another 3-6 months and try naturally ?
2. go for the immune modulation ?
3. IVF?


It is hard for me to advise since I do not know your entire medical history, but my first impression is that your situation may be treated naturally with a combination of herbal medicine and enzymatic therapy.

Tumor Necrosis Factor is a protein manufactured by white blood cells to stimulate the immune system in response to infection. This could be a response to your previous TB infection. There is also the hypothesis of an autoimmune component that prevents you from carrying a pregnancy to term.

I would strongly recommend enzymatic therapy with
Wobenzym N, which is a natural health product that has been sued in Germany for over 40 years and recommend for inflammatory disorders.

Pro-inflammatory cytokines like interleukin 6 and TNF-alpha may be elevated in conditions that are primarily considered as endocrine problems, such as hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary disease, insulin resistance, diabetes, infertility and stress disorders.

Scientist know that elevated pro-inflammatory cytokines interfere with normal function of the hypothalamic-pituitary axes, which related to hormonal balance, because inflammation can have a direct affect on the function of ovaries.

One benefit of Wobenzym N is the normalization of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. Another benefit would be an improvement of immunologically caused recurrent miscarriages, which can be because of either autoimmune or alloimmune dysfunction.

In autoimmune infertility, the miscarriage is caused by autoimmune inflammation that prevents proper function of the placenta. In alloimmune miscarriages, the mothers immune system is so unstable due to abnormal inflammatory action that it actually attacks the fetus and causes the miscarriage.

Either way, Wobenzym
is an effective therapy for both autoimmune and alloimmune miscarriages.

"One study showed that 124 out of 144 women who had habitual immunologically caused miscarriages were able to get pregnant and give birth to 114 healthy children." (Forum Immunologie 2000)

If you are willing to take 3-6 months and try naturally with the support of natural health, it would be probably the best option before resorting to immunomodulation therapy. I think trying IVF now does not make sense as you can reject the embryo.

Natural Fertility Support protocol

The following protocol would be beneficial in supporting your attempt in trying to conceive naturally:

STEP 1.Fertility cleanse for 1-2 months before trying to conceive actively. Do not try to conceive while doing the fertility cleanse.

STEP 2.Wobenzym N daily support while trying to conceive. This supplemnt should be taken on an empty stomach.

STEP 3.Self fertility massage every other day up until ovulation while trying to conceive.

STEP 4.Castor oil therapy every other day up until ovulation while trying to conceive.

STEP 5.Pregnancy Preparation Herbs daily support while trying to conceive.

Detecting Ovulation

If you want to maximize your attempt to conceive, I would also recommend using Ovacue Fertility Monitor.

This innovative fertility monitor predict ovulation 5-7 days in advance by using the patented Electrolyte Method, a technique that has been demonstrated to be 98.3% accurate in predicting ovulation in clinical studies overseen by the National Institute of Health.

By using a fertility monitor you will be able to confirm ovulation (make sure to get the vaginal sensor as well).

I believe that using the Ovacue bundle fertility monitor really speeds up the time required to achieve conception and it's especially useful in couples who are experiencing fertility issues.

When trying to conceive timing is everything. When the egg is released during ovulation, sperm must already be present and waiting to fertilize it immediately. Because sperm can live for a number of days inside a woman, advance notice of your ovulation date is key to achieving pregnancy.

By having sex before ovulation you also avoid old eggs. The egg stays viable for only 12 hours and it begins to degenerate and become old. An old egg or old sperm may well contribute to miscarriage.

The more advance notice you have, the more opportunities you’ll have to make love and the greater your odds of conception will be. By having sex often during your fertile window you will also ensure a constant supply of healthy sperm.

I hope this helps you better understand how natural health can support you while trying to conceive.

Fertility Blessings!

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High NK Cells and Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage
by: Bogdana

I am 36 years old and my husband is 31 years old. I had a miscarriage at 8 gestational weeks. It was blighted ovum. After that I made some medical test-immunity and genetic. It turns that I have high NK -cells- about 18%.

My genetic results are not ready. My OB told me that I am ready to getting pregnant again and we will TTC this month. I took omega 3 and folic acid. Please give me some advice to not miscarry again. What is your opinion about high NK cells? Are these high levels responsible for blighted ovum?
Thank you in advance!
Best regards!


Hi Bogdana,

Natural Killer (NK) cells are cells of the immune system that help the body fight infections, but in some women these natural killer cells recognize the embryo as an invader and begin attacking its tissues. It is possible that high levels of NK cells be the cause of recurrent miscarriage.

How this mechanism works is not clear at this time and scientist stipulate a weakened in the immune system. Most conventional treatment includes immune suppressive drugs to be taken before and during pregnancy. These drugs pose side effects so make sure to discuss your options with your doctor.

In the field of natural health there has been some research done that may be of help in cases of high levels of NK cells.

Research has shown that the systemic enzyme blend Wobenzym N may effectively help reduce immunological response in a pregnant woman. Clinical studies have proven Wobenzym N can help support the immune system and help women with high NK cells levels carry a pregnancy full term with no adverse effects to both mother and child. Wobenzym N is a natural product used in enzyme therapy study by the University of Munich in Germany as a method of immune therapy for immunologically caused habitual abortions.

Fertility Blessings!

TNF alpha and pregnancy
by: Anonymous

Hi I M 32 years old, I have had two miscarriages at 16 weeks, I got tested after the miscarriages and was found to have uterus tb using pamp test, my blood test showed very high TNF alpha and pregnancy destroying factor, I have completed my medocine for 6 months, kindly advise what I can do next.


Natural remedies can help you support your immune system. Find a natural doctor near you that can support you in this.

Webenzym N is a natural product that is very promissing in helping immune system modulation.

Also, consider doing acupuncture to help your body reach a state of balance before TTC.

Herbal medicine can also help you. A fertility cleanse can be a good way to start.

Many Blessings!

Wobenzym effective dosage
by: Lily

Hi, how many tablet we have to take of Wobenzym N to be effective to balance our immunology system and how long it will take to conceive?
Is unbalance immunity effect egg quality?
Many thanks


Hi Lily,

The recommended dosage are 3 tablets 2 times a day on en empty stomach (45 minutes before eating and 2-3 hours after eating). This natural remedy should only be taken with natural non-carbonated water.

For immune support it is possible to increase the dose gradually up to 12 tablets per day and take 3 tablets four times a day.

You can consult with a natural health practitioner to see what is the best dosage for your case.

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