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Trying to Conceive at 46

I recently got remarried back in September and just turned 46 in November. My husband and I decided to try to have a baby together several months ago.

But I have been experiencing abnormal cycles and sometimes having a period every 2 weeks for several months, with flow lasting 3 to 5 days, except for last month, where my cycle lasted 28 days, with my flow lasting 9 days and I passed a large clot.

I had started to take a Tablespoon of Flax seed oil in yogurt over a month and a half ago, I had also been experiencing breast and nipple tenderness, which seems to have subsided.

This month I started to track my temperature, cervical fluid and position on a chart. I also just started to see an acupuncturist, where she recommended Vitex and fermented Cod Liver Oil along with Raspberry Leaf tea infusion. In short, the Vitex which should only be taken in the morning 3,000 mg and will promote my progesterone levels to rise, lengthen my luteal phase (LP) and guard against miscarriage. The Cod Liver Oil is for over all good health, Vitamin A and D. The raspberry leaf infusion is for my uterus health.

I have read many articles about Royal Jelly and Maca as well. From what I understand I am experiencing Estrogen Dominance. The Vitex helps rise my progesterone level and the Maca will help my pituitary gland and bring all my hormones into balance.

I have concerns/questions. Is it okay to take Maca with Vitex at the same time? I also understand that some herbs and foods are have estrogen in them naturally in different forms. Like the Flax Oil and Maca.

I read that Flax Oil shouldn't be taken for this reason, but I also read it helps rid the body of too much estrogen. Which brings me to Royal Jelly, which seems to promote both Estrogen and Progesterone, but from what I read is not recommended if you have low progesterone since it can worsen your condition.

Increasing oxygen, circulation, blood flow is just as important, through acupuncture, massage and exercise. As well as relieving stress. CoQ10, Spirulina, along with alkalizing your body plays a part as well.

One particular article I read said that if you have too much estrogen you should do a Liver Cleanse first, I also read several websites talking about a Fertility cleanse.

I would like some clarification since there seems to be contradictory information out there.

Thank You for your time,



Using Natural Remedies to Balance the Hormones and Get Pregnant

Hi Kimberly,

It is OK to take Vitex and Maca together. Maca as well as Vitex do not have hormonal activity, but stimulate the body to balance estrogen and progesterone levels. In fact, Maca is used in herbal medicine to treat both low progesterone and low estrogen levels in women with perimenopausal symptoms.

In your case taking Maca would be beneficial as shorter cycles at 46 may be linked to estrogen imbalance. The recommended dosage is 1,000 mg 3 times per day if it is in capsules or mix 1 teaspoon of Maca powder with a 250 ml glass of water, juice or add it to your favourite fertility smoothie. You can also add it to oatmeal or yogurt as well.

Maca is considered a fertility food
and does not contain any hormones but is a tonic to the entire endocrine system. So it is very safe and does not cause any side effects. It is also great for men in supporting healthy sperm production.

Flax seed oil is does not work in the body like Maca. It's an excellent source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acid and antioxidants. It is recommended in women for menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps, and endometriosis. It contains lignans and plant estrogens, also called phytoestrogens. Because of this it helps stabilize a woman's estrogen-progesterone ratio.

Plant estrogen are milder than synthetic estrogens and when they bind to estrogen receptors in the body do not cause the same side effects as synthetic drugs. Also, the body knows how to metabolized them effectively because they are natural.

Flaxseed oil is also thoughts to improve uterine function related to the production of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that, when released in excess amounts during menstruation, can cause the heavy bleeding which is associated with endometriosis. This makes it a natural anti-inflammatory nutrient.

CoQ10 is an antioxidant and helps make healthy eggs and sperm my maintaining free radicals at bay. CoQ10 is very helpful when it comes prevent oxidative stress in the body, that's why it is used as an anti-aging supplement.

Spirulina is a super food and can be taken for its high protein content, mineral content and for its ability to detoxify the body at the cellular level.

Royal jelly is another fertility food which is a natural source of steroid hormones. Royal jelly increases ovulation and egg production and is recommended in women with poor egg quality. The body uses the building blocks necessary to make its own hormones. I will not cause estrogen disruption because the body will be able to use what it needs in order to create balance.

In my opinion excess estrogen or estrogen dominance is caused by compounds that the body cannot easily break down like synthetic estrogens in birth control pills or in chemicals known as hormonal disruptors. These are not easily broken down by the body and stay bound to estrogen receptors stimulating an estrogenic response in the body until they are removed through detox.

So, it is OK to take royal jelly and all the other fertility foods you have been researching about. Just to be sure, ask your doctor.

Here you can find more information on fertility super foods. The more of these foods in the form of supplement you have, the more you will be able to increase your chances of conceiving.
So, if you are confused, don't be. They are all very helpful!

Fertility Cleansing

Now, you also asked about cleansing. People should cleanse periodically because our environment contain many pollutants that cannot be completely avoided.

There are many types of cleansing, but when it comes to creating and supporting hormonal balance in order to conceive the fertility cleanse is one of the most effective way to speed up conception. I have to say that fertility cleansing should be done by anybody before trying to conceive. The reason why I recommend cleansing is because it helps cleanse both the liver for hormonal balance and the uterus for endometrial receptivity (prepare the uterus for embryo implantation).

I hope this answers your questions. If you need more clarification, do not hesitate to ask!

Fertility Blessings!

Maria Gioia

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Ovacue Fertility Monitor
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

PS: One more thing, since you are 46, I would strongly recommend using Ovacue Fertility Monitor.

This is the best and most effective tool that helps you monitor your estrogen levels through saliva testing. It will reveal to you how your estrogen is fluctuating throughout the monthly cycle.

Remember estrogens should increase after menstruation, peak just before ovulation and decrease gradually during the second half of the menstrual cycle until it drops 24-48 hours before your period.

The Ovacue fertility monitor also contains the vaginal sensor. I recommend buying this extra piece because you need to know if and when you ovulate, especially if you have low fertility possibly short luteal phase.

This fertility gadget paired with fertility charting will greatly enhance your ability to get pregnant.

Many Blessings!

when your husband has too much estrogen
by: Anonymous

My husband and I just recently found out he has a high amount of estrogen..we're talking 800pg/ml. His testorone count is at 4...but when he ejaculates his semen is still grey. We want to have he permanently infertile?
We're in our 30s...he's only 35. We're going to see an endocornologist, but it's taking so long to get the appointment we're so anxious to find out if he can have kids. Please help!


There are many things your husband can do in order to improve his situation naturally. The most important thing is to decrease stress and follow a healthy diet rich in selenium, zinc, and omega 3. Herbal remedies containing Maca can help balance excess estrogen and support testosterone production.

Also herbal remedies specific for male fertility like FertileXY can really help support healthy hormonal balance and sperm production.

Fertility blessings!

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