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Trying To Conceive

by X

I am 32 years old and I have been married for one year. Other problems are chronic migraines started off with sun on my head, or constipation or heat, or travel or hunger. It develops into vomiting and mostly pain is half sided and also at top of my head, pain behind eyes. Constipation, acidity mostly there, if I am slightly excited or nervous the constipation turns to lose motions.

Also I was depressed, anxious as I got married late, and I was having homeopathic medicines anacardium, lycopodium regularly, and ignatia, staphysagria, sepia at times.

Depression has gone after marriage as I am very happily married so emotionally very fine. However monetary, career problem is very high on my mind and making me very nervous.

I also notice if I argue, if I get angry, if I am in traffic that makes me nervous, my whole left neck, arm down to my hands and legs start paining internally for days.

Anger, is mercurial, get very angry and then sorry in the next one minute. I have not had very happy childhood. Relationship or trust in men is less. After marriage my anger is less.

I have always had a very weak liver and love sour things since childhood.

Trying to conceive only past few months but anxious as I am 32 yrs old, frequency of intercourse is twice a month and husband is also diabetic (type2), under control, and high cholesterol.

Migraine, constipation, anger, since childhood. I was born with jaundice.

Left side spondylitis type pain is past 2-3 months only.

Desire food sour and sweet and sometimes salty.
I am very thirsty all the time, finish bottles even at night during sleep. Always going to the look both for urine and stool. I am feeling depressed and worried that I want to conceive naturally. My ultrasounds are normal show little bit of PCOD. The uterus everything is normal. My periods have never been regular, lie once in 2-3 months. However before marriage I never worried about it and also to regularity was on Diane35 for 4 years almost.

After my marriage I left any contraceptive pill, I took ashokarishta ayurvedic medicine and my periods started happening every month, though sometimes they would miss or be off date. I also gained about 10 kg after marriage. Now we have tried only for few months however as I am 32, my husband 38 and diabetic, he is the anxiousness of having a baby soon.

FSH, LH has been monitored over many cycles and is 5, 7 or 7, 5, recent most 5, 9.

Prolactin was very high as that of pregnant women, and so was prescribed medicine to bring it down, it now seems in normal range for past month.

Main problem is I don't know if I ovulate at all after many years of contraceptive and I produce enough eggs?

My husband's sperm count is absolutely normal. So I have been suggested feryl and follicular study, that in itself is making me nervous and I want to try naturally.

I am nervous, anxious, depression also setting in due to this. Feels like I don't want unnatural thing and feel anxious. I feel
I am in hospital doing this follicular treatment many times, its might not work, I will have to take injections and do something which should be a happy beautiful process, in a very insipid clinical way and then god knows what kind of child I will conceive.

My whole childhood, father away, parents unhappy marriage, left to fend for ourselves, always let down by men and despite being very well educated, degrees from abroad, fear or being poor in life or of living in a bad house in a bad neighbourhood.

Very anxious about my husband health as he is 38 and has high diabetes and cholesterol and he earns normal, whereas I am very very ambitious, so I feel whole burden falling on myself for whatever status I want to achieve in life. I have very intermittent artist career, so very anxious to find a job so I can earn and support and live the way I want to in life. I have never been able to stick to long term job, so always very anxious.

Still feels like life is a big challenge and I have to earn my living under pressure whereas I would just like to sit and paint or wait for a fairy wand.

Feel love for my husband, feel like protecting myself and family, feel like I must earn so I can be useful to my parents and family. Feel anxious, not confident in my career.

Left hand mostly held limp as if I was a queen whose hand many were going to touch and bow to.

Anancarduim for when I feel nervous, lycopodium once a week, once a month. Sepia, ignatia, staphysgarias was given at times. This was 2 years back now. No medicine for past 2 years.

I eat all sorts of food not fussy. Love sour foods. and then sweet and salty.
To other I seem very uppity beautiful refined person, I was always heartbroken many times before marriage, let down by men in life, anger towards father. Very happy married life now, calmed down after marriage. I get very angry when opposed an then say things and feel sorry the next minute and have no qualms apologizing to anyone. Heat makes me irritable, but cold weather like living in UK used to make me ill with tonsils ever month. Good public speaker, not too many friends mostly with my family, cannot trust anyone much. Love very purely and do everything for people I love. Very ambitious and want to be very successful but haven't found the way yet. Very impatient. Prone to depressive sick feeling when I feel problems are coming my way. Very very sensitive and highly emotional, get water in my eyes for very small things in public and then get embarrassed.

I get my cycle usually 1st to 5th of the month it starts. Lasts for 2-3 days. Never had regular cycle. Not much pain, no heavy discharge. I am hoping to get pregnant, that's my main problem for which I would like you to guide me.

I also am very fair complexioned, clear skin, legs ache very much and intercourse is not many times both from husband and my side.

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Increase The Odds Of Cenception
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Step 1

Do a fertility cleanse for two months.

This is very important to eliminate all the toxins in your body before conception. It ensures the production of healthy sperms and eggs. Both partners should be following this program and do not try to conceive during the cleanse as the toxins released can affect the developing baby.

Step 2
The homeopathic fertility program may be a good way to address your situation and support you while trying to conceive. Here you can learn more about it. Consider consulting with a homeopath near you.

This program consists of taking homeopathic remedies at specific days of the menstrual cycle based on your main constitutional and current issues, for example:

Folliculinum 200C one pellet on day 10 of the menstrual cycle:

This remedy stimulates ovulation and it is particularly important in those who have PCOS, have delayed or absent ovulation, and potentially poor ovarian function.

Thuja 200C on day 14 of the menstrual cycle:

This remedy helps those who have taken birth control pill

Natrum Muriaticun 30CH one dose once a week:

This remedy helps improve cervical mucus. Menses preceded or followed by migraines headaches. It also helps for sadness, suppressed emotional anger, and inner torment.

Sepia 6CH one dose once a day at night:

Sepia is one of the most prescribed constitutional remedies for women's problems. It acts especially on the portal system, and on venous congestion often related to toxicity leading to hormonal imbalance.

Step 3
Consider taking fertility vitamins like FertilAid to speed up the process of conception.

Step 4
Download my FREE Guide To Fertility Charting & Natural Conception to target love making for conception as accurately as possible.

Fertility Blessings!

Follinicum not available
by: Anonymous

I have tried a lot but follinicum out of all the medicines you suggest is not available in india.
What replacement do you suggest if one cant get follinicum.
Please suggest.


If not available, simply omit it from the protocol.

It is possible to order this remedy online from or

These homeopathic online stores ship worldwide and might ship to your country. Otherwise, these remedies may only be prescribed by a homeopathic doctor in your country.

It is a good idea to seek the help of a homeopath near you.

Fertility Blessings!

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