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Trying to Concieve At Age 47 And FertilAid

by Wilma

My husband and I have 14 children. I naturally gave birth to all 14. We would like to have one more. I am 47 and my husband is 55. I gave birth to my last at 43. We had a stillborn when I was 24 weeks due to cord problems with baby. Now I seem to have a lot of chemical pregnancies. Is it still possible to conceive and would FertilAid be beneficial.

My cycles are very regular and my hormones are excellent. My husband had some low motility and sperm abnormalities but have improved with maca and antitoxidant vitamins. Can still conceive but I can’t hang on to pregnancy.


Hi Wilma,

Having difficulty maintain a pregnancy may be related to a number of factors:

1. Increase need for minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

2. Poor egg and sperm quality.

3. Possible estrogen fluctuations and low progesterone.

4. Short luteal phase.

5. Toxicity.

6. Poor blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Most chemical pregnancies are due to chromosomal problems in the developing fetus. This depends on the quality of eggs and sperm. Scientific studies have shown how antioxidants help prevent mutations, chromosomal abnormalities in poor quality of eggs and sperm.

I would definitely recommend supplementing with FertilAid for women because it contains all the minerals, vitamins, herbs and especially antioxidants required for healthy conception.

FertilAid helps maintain hormonal balance, supports healthy egg production. When the eggs are good, the resulting embryo has higher chances of survival provided that the uterine lining is also healthy.

FertileCM should be taken in conjunction with FertilAid for women and helps increase fertile cervical mucus and embryo implantation and prevents early miscarriage. Early miscarriages are also related to poor progesterone levels to support early pregnancy.

FertilAid for women contains herbal remedies like Vitex agnus castus that support the corpus luteun in secreting progesterone and maintain an early pregnancy.

Another herb present in FertilAid is Red clover which is known to stabilize estrogen levels. In women over 45, estrogen levels often begin to fluctuate abruptly (go up or down). This causes poor lining of the endometrium causing the lining of the uterus to break down too early and cause an early miscarriage. FertilAid for women also contains Vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid known to help maintain a pregnancy and support embryo development.

To boost the effects of FertilAid for Women, you can also add FertiliTea. This tea contains Vitex and other herbs that all work together to promote fertility and facilitate early pregnancy development preventing miscarriage.

If you feel that toxicity could be an issue in your cases, consider adding FertileDetox.
Toxic overload causes poor egg and sperm quality in couples who experience recurrent miscarriage as toxins affect embryo development.

I hope this helps you conceive and carry to full term you 15th baby soon.

You can purchase these remedies here

Fertility Blessings!

Comments for Trying to Concieve At Age 47 And FertilAid

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Can I have a regular mentrual cycles if I take FertilAid for pregnancy?
by: Purple

I am 24 years of age. I have been married for six months now without a child. But I do have irregular menses. I want to have a child now can I use FertilAid to help me regulate my menses and also conceive?? Thank you.


Hi Purple,

FertilaAid can help regulate the menstrual cycle because it contains Vitex agnus castus among other fertility herbs, vitamins and minerals. Vitex is considered by Western herbalists as the "Fertility Herb" because it can help support ovulation.

If you have irregular menstrual cycle, FertilAid for women can be of help.

Another great fertility supplement that I would recommend taking in conjunction with FertilAid for Women is Fertile CM. This supplement has been specifically designed to help women you are TTC increase their fertile cervical mucus.

When you are about to ovulate your body produces clear and stretchy cervical mucus that helps the male sperm survive longer in your reproductive canal.

If you do not make this type of mucus your chances of conception decrease.

FertileCM also helps implantation of the embryo preventing early miscarriages.

Learn more about this fertility supplement here.

Fertility Blessings!

Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage
by: Anonymous


I am 25 years old and miscarried at 8 weeks in Jan of 2014. Been off birth control since Nov 2013. Can I use Fertilaid to help with conception as my mensual cycle seem to be irregular now?


Yes, FertilAid can help those women who need to boost their fertility. If you had a miscarriage, it can also be wise considering doing a Fertility Detox like FertileDetox, which can be taken in conjunction with FertilAid.

This remedy offer liver support and helps maintain hormonal balance when taken with FertilAid. Women who have been on birth control may need a few months to cleanse from synthetic hormones that build up in the body and impair regular hormonal communication.

The main causes of miscarriage are:

1. Toxicity
2. Luteal phase defect (hormonal imbalance)
3. Stress
4. Vitamin and mineral deficiency
5. Genetic/Chromosomal issues.

Naturally you can address the first 4 causes. Number 5 becomes an issue only in couples who have recurrent miscarriages. In your case, this does not seem to be a concern.

The best way to help boost your fertility and increase your change of having a healthy pregnancy is also to eat well, sleep well, exercise (fertility yoga is an excellent way to do this!) and relax.

Please, try to follow a healthy diet and chart your cycle to know if and when you are ovulating. This will be able to help you archive conception faster.

Fertility Blessings!

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