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TTC For Over A Year

Hi Maria, my name is Kim. I am 26 and my husband is 27. We have been trying to conceive for over a year. I have endometriosis. I have been taking Clomid 50mg for about 8 months now. We had a miscarriage in June at 7weeks 4 days. Since then it just seems impossible to conceive. I have also been taking blackmores conceive well gold tabs daily to try and help it along. Any suggestions to help get that positive hpt????


Hi Kim,

There are so many things you can do naturally in order to conceive even if you have endometriosis. Depending on the location and extend of the endometriosis of course. The problem with having endometriosis while trying to conceive is that often implantation becomes really difficult and may be a problem. It is possible to arrest and decrease endometriosis naturally before getting pregnant in order to support a healthy pregnancy.

The most important thing you can do is to follow the endometriosis diet. Taking preconception multivitamins are a very good way to support your fertility because they provide your body for all the important nutrients needed to conceive, supporting regular ovulation cycles and helping you make healthy eggs. So, that's great!

You next step now is to support your endometrium. Help your body create the healthiest environment for your baby before you conceive. This should take about 3-4 months.

I would recommend the following protocol:

STEP 1: Cleansing

I like the fertility cleanse not only because it has been specifically designed for women who are preparing to conceive, but also because it targets the cleansing of both liver and uterus.

Liver Detox

The liver's job in the body is to filter toxins out of the blood. The liver also takes part in the synthesis and breaking down of hormones. If the liver is overloaded with toxins, it can no longer function properly leading to hormonal imbalance. A liver detox helps reach hormonal balance and support hormone production. Most of our modern diet is contaminated by chemicals and hormonal disruptors like xenoestrogen, which also fuel the spreading of endometriosis. By removing excess estrogen you your body you will be able to arrest the spreading of endometrial tissue.

Uterus Detox

Even if the causes of endometriosis are no completely known to doctors, it is possible that it the uterus is not able to completely empty its contents every month during the period, toxicity remains inside. It is possible that most gynecological symptoms like PMS, menstrual cramps, spotting, blood clots
and dark brown blood during menstruation, endometriosis, PCOS, lack of periods, irregular cycles and scanty period, are linked to this.

If stagnant blood remains a toxic environment for the embryo can be the result preventing implantation or causing a miscarriage.

STEP 2: Support The Reproductive Organs

Once you have cleanse you liver and uterus, you are now ready to nourish your body in preparing for healthy conception.

There are a number of natural supplements that have been proven to be very effective in supporting the female reproductive organs and decrease endometriosis:


DIM stands for Diindolylmethane, which is known now to scientist to have anticancer activity. For this reason, DIM works also as a great fertility food because it regulates the body's estrogen levels. Too much estrogen puts you in a estrogen dominant condition that can lead to several health issues, including infertility. Some examples of estrogen dominant infertility are endometriosis, PCOS, and ovarian cysts.

Having endometriosis is an indication that your body may not be fully capable of eliminating excess estrogen. This excess estrogens is not the estrogen your body produces but it most likely comes from what scientist call endocrine disruptors.

DIM has been shown in studies to support hormonal balance by breaking down estrogen and removing it from the body.

Enzyme Therapy

Enzymes have many benefits. When it comes of endometriosis, they help the body clear excess tissue, scar tissue, increase increasing circulation, and reduce immunological response.

Herbal Remedies For Women

Taking herbs to address endometriosis is the best way to support the body when trying to conceive. Herbs have specific properties that reduce the pain and swelling of endometriosis.

Herbs also reduce excess estrogen that stimulate abnormal growths, while supporting liver activity for better estrogen balance. The main herbs are:

Goldenseal to support the immune system. eliminate pathogens, reduce swelling, inflammation, and

Jamaican Dogwood to reduce pain during menses.

Red Raspberry Leaf to support the uterus by helping strengthen the uterine muscles, regulate menstrual bleeding, and prepare the uterus for pregnancy and delivery.

Dong Quai to regulates estrogen balance in the body and regulates the menstrual cycle.

STEP 3: Increase Circulation

The last yet very important task is to increase circulation to the reproductive organs by performing self-fertility massage with castor oil packs. Massage increases the flow of fresh oxygen-rich blood to the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus.

Castor oil packs help eliminate toxins from the reproductive organs, breaks down scar tissues and decrease endometriosis.

You can find this entire endometriosis protocol in the EndoWise Fertility Kit.

Fertility Blessings!

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