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TTC over 50 without specific health problems

by Gitzy

I am 50 yrs old, and my husband is 54 yrs old. We have 2 children (late teens/early 20s), and had two miscarriages after each child was born many years ago. I am still menstruating and ovulating regularly. We have only ever used natural birth control (condoms, rhythm method, abstinence during fertile times) to prevent unwanted pregnancies for the last 20 years. We want to have another child, and so recently in the last few months, we have been having regular intercourse around my fertile times, and we want to have another child.

I use progestelle oil (natural progesterone) on my skin 1 to 2 times a day. I have been using progesterone cream or oil since I was 45 yrs old (5 years). For many years I used progesterone for 3 weeks of the month (starting 1 week after menstruation begins) and more recently have tried to cut back to just use it for the second 1/2 of my cycle, since I read it can prevent fertilization if used during the first half of the cycle.

It seems like I conceive and get pregnant and feel pregnant for several weeks after ovulation, but the implantation does not occur and my period comes a few days late, which feels like a miscarriage.

If my husband and I do not have any underlying health problems, no family history of reproductive disease and no use of birth control pill or medications, but are older and having difficulty with implantation and perhaps issues with the lining of the uterus's ability to sustain pregnancy, would this program be of help?

It seems like 6 out of your 7 questions on whether this program would work for us do not apply to us.

Thank you

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Homeopathic Fertility Program
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Hi Gitzy,
If you are ovulating regularly, there is no reason why you will not be able to achieve pregnancy with the homeopathic fertility program. This program will definitely help you and support your reproductive organs to function their best. It is designed to stimulate ovulation and support uterine health and strength.
Of course I cannot grantee that you will get pregnant, but your chances will be higher.
If you chose to follow the homeopathic fertility program you will gain great benefit on your ability to conceive.

Fertility Blessings!

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