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TTC Success Stories

by Siti

Maria, I notice that this web provide great information to achieve natural treatment for fertility. Your experiences is so useful for many women that struggling in their infertility journey. But I have not found about testimony or success stories of women that trying the natural methods so far.

I suggest you provide a new page about it that women can share their experiences about infertility journey. In the future, I hope their sharing can support many women achieving the goal as a mother or increase quality of women life, especially in infertility issues.



Hi Siti,

That's a great idea! I am been thinking of gathering testimonials as they seem to be very powerful. Encourages people to take action about their health naturally. Most people prefer to email me personally to let me know that they got pregnant and what worked for them. So, these could be very inspiring success cases.

It is very important to notice that I cannot freely publish personal information without consent.

Also a testimonial should be unsolicited and provided spontaneously. This takes time and effort on my part to set it up.

I do want to build a place on my site where women feel free to write their testimonial in order to support and empower each. That would be absolutely fantastic!

I also know that once a woman gets pregnant, it becomes all about the pregnancy. And once she give birth it becomes all about the baby! Life challenges brings you to move on to the next phase and you forget what brought you there.

Speaking of testimonials, about 3 months ago I meet a client of mine who was trying to conceive for 4 years. She was suffering from endometriosis and I recommended
doing Castor oil therapy. She got pregnant with twins within 8 months. She saw me at the mall, ran after me to show me her babies. I have many anecdotes like this, which will provide encouragement to those who are struggling for infertility with a similar situation.

I also know that women who trust natural health and that have been using it in the past do not question their effectiveness in helping them get pregnant. If you take herbs or homeopathic remedies for cold and flu and know that they work, you also assume that they will be affective in other areas of your life like infertility.

This is how I am, but I also realize that some women land on my website and may be skeptic on using natural treatments to improve fertility because it is not part of mainstream medicine.

For them inspiring testimonial would be of great benefit, encouragement and support. So, Yes! I will try to implement your suggestion as soon as possible.

I think women want to know what other women have been using to help them conceive, what natural therapies they have followed and for how long.

This type of testimonial is not as easy to acquire, but it would be absolutely a great way to help many women who are struggling with infertility. Inspiration is key!

I also know that most women look for testimonials but forget to give them. So, I should find a way to encourage them to share.

I really appreciate your advice. Thanks you so much for visiting my site and providing support.

Please let other TTC women know about my site so that more women will find benefit. Please sign up for my newsletter to stay in touch.

Many blessings!


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Re : TTC Success Stories
by: siti

I am so moved with your incredible response. An infertility journey is emotionally phase during women life. Yes, TTC success stories afford encourage women who are struggling with infertility, I think.

I am waiting for your excellent step about TTC success stories. Thanks for your incredible response, Maria.

TTC Success Stories
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

You are very welcome! I am also very hopeful that this will help lots of women who are trying to conceive. I have been there myself and I feel your struggle, but life has miraculous ways to bring the best results always!

Many blessings!

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