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TTC with Herbal Meds

My husband and I have been taking Fertilaid for almost two months. I have noticed that my cycles are starting to regulate. But I also have seen some distressing reviews about the product. I recently saw a review of Fertile XX and saw it has less negative effects. I was wondering how long I should wait to try Fertile XX after stopping Fertilaid? Or if someone has any input on either of these two fertility meds? Thanks!

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FertileXX Herbal Remedy
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

You do not have to wait, you can simply switch from one to the next. If you are not taking FertilAid, you should take a prenatal vitamin containing folic acid and all the other important nutrients required for pregnancy.

Do not take a herbal remedy like FertileXX during your menstrual period, wait until your periods are over.

It is very important to understand that herbal remedies and vitamins may affect each woman differently. Some women may experience what in holistic medicine is called the healing crisis, where they feel sluggish and off for 7-10 days when starting a new herbal remedy because the body is responding to the stimulus produced by the herbs.

These is an attempt made by the body to reach balance and release toxins. Women who have toxins in their body as a result of been on birth control pill or other medications may experience more of these effects.

The life style women have up until the time they decide to get pregnant is also very important. Having spent years drinking and eating junk food created a very toxic state.

Most women will benefit from a fertility cleanse before taking any fertility herbs and remedies. A fertility cleanse cleanses the liver, the kidneys and the uterus preparing for healthy conception.

Other women, who are very sensitive and have allergies or an impaired immune system, may need an even more gentle approach than vitamins and herbal remedies. They may require homeopathic medicine, which uses highly diluted remedies.

I always recommend following a fertility diet while taking herbal remedies.

Eating healthy is definately the best way to make sure you are getting the most benefit from your remedies and vitamins.

Another issue, not everybody talks about is the quality of the water that women drink. It is very important to avoid tap water at all cost, it is full of toxins like hormones, arsenic, lead, sucrolose, and other chemicals that may interfere with your herbal remedies and vitamins.

Purified water should be re-mineralized though, in order to prevent mineral deficiencies affecting fertility.

I hope this helps you.

Fertility Blessings!

TTC Planning
by: Carrie

I am currently taking Fertilaid. I think we are going to finish our bottles then switch over to Fertile XX-XY. Should I not take Fertilaid while on my period as well? All of this is rather new to us, we have only been on Fertilaid for almost 2 months. I worry about becoming pregnant and not knowing and the effects of the Fertilaid on the new pregnancy are very daunting.

TTC Natural Planning
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

You should just take vitamins during your periods, but not herbs.

If you are new to TTC, please download my FREE Guide To Fertility Charting & Natural Conception to learn more about how to chart your cycle and detect the best time to have sex in order to increase your chances to get pregnant each month.

Do not worry about side effects of fertility supplements on your pregnancy. There are more serious dangers in your drinking water, your air, your food and even your computer and cell phone to worry about while pregnant.

Did you know that fluoridated water can cause serious effects to the baby's brain development?

Did you know know the the electromagnetic pollution coming off your computer, plasma screen TV and cell phone can seriously harm your baby?

Did you know that your carpet, paint, and furniture give off hormonal disruptors that affect male and female hormonal balance.

Absolutely do not eat food that has been cooked or warmed up in a microwave oven, do not keep your cell phone on you (keep it on your purse), do not place your laptop on your lap.

Make sure to check your shampoo and cosmetics because they contain dangerous ingredients that should not be used during preconception and pregnancy.

Avoid the these ingredients, which is a causes development & reproductive toxicity neurotoxicity, birth defects, endocrine disruption, and cellular changes and cancer.

Diethanolamine or DEA
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Propylene Glycol
Alkyl-phenol Ethoxylades
Alpha Hydroxy Acid
Ammonium Glycolate
Benzoic / Benzyl / Benzene
Benzoyl Peroxide
Cocamidopropyl Betaine
Disodium EDTA
Glycolic Acid
Kajoic Acid
Isoproponal/Isopropyl Alcohol
Mineral Oil

These are just the most commonly used in many commercial creams and shampoos. If you are concerned, just used toxins free personal products.

Fertility Blessings!

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