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TTC With Low AMH

by Amita

I am 36 years old. Before 8 months my TSH Thyroid was very high 15.6, and AMH is 1. But after taking medicine my TSH is now normal. But during my 4 years of marriage, I have not been able to conceive even once. I am consulting a doctor. Please help to improve my situation so that I can conceive naturally.


Since it has been already 4 years and you have not been able to conceive yet, it is very important to know if you are ovulating each month. Having low AMH indicates that your ovaries need support in producing healthy eggs.

Please download my guide to fertility charting and begin charting your cycle.

This will tell you if you are ovulating and when. To get additional support in tracking your fertile days and get pregnant, I also recommend using Ovacue fertility monitor with vaginal sensor to confirm ovulation. Ovacue is very easy to use and very accurate in helping your detect ovulation in advance and never miss your chance to get pregnant each month.

The nest step after tracking your ovulation, you need to help your body produce healthy eggs. When you ovulate regularly and you make healthy eggs, you will get pregnant once you know when you are fertile.

In order to support healthy egg
production and to improve poor egg quality and ovarian reserves typical of low AMH, I would recommend following the The Improve Egg Health Kit protocol. This kit contains all the most important key fertility remedies your ovaries need to produce healthy eggs.

It is important that you see a doctor to help you stay healthy and monitor your thyroid gland. Most doctors don’t know enough to give you basic information on how to maintain your ovaries healthy and keep your fertility. The eggs in the ovaries respond to hormonal signals from the brain and begin the process of ovulation each month.

Under this signaling, the tissue that surrounds the egg begins to mature into a follicle. This follicle moves to the outside of the ovary and it grows while it makes estrogen. Each month there are about 120 follicles that develop, but only one will mature fully and release the egg. This is process is thought to be selective in nature where the ovary selects that best most healthy egg to release during ovulation for the purpose of fertilization.

If your ovarian tissue does not have the right nutrients, it cannot make healthy eggs. The most important step in improving your fertility is to follow a very healthy diet and supplement with The Improve Egg Health Kit.

Fertility Blessings!

Maria Gioia

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