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Twelve Tissue Salts for Fertility

Help the Body Take Up Nutrients!

The twelve tissue salts are gentle and completely safe for self use. They are also simple to use. It is important to pay attention of the indications for each one of the twelve tissue salts and select the most appropriate one.

It is possible to take more than one of the twelve tissue salts at the time. You can find combination remedies of the twelve tissues salts depending on the conditions that needs to be addressed.

Here is a list of the twelve tissue salts of Dr. Schussler:

Calc Fluor

It contributes to elasticity of blood vessels' walls, muscular and connective tissue. It is present on surface of bones and tooth enamel.

It is indicated where relaxed conditions exist, sluggish circulation, varicose veins, cracks in the skin, cracked and calloused heels and muscular weakness. It helps in cystic formation of ovary, indurations of the testes and thyroid gland.

If taken during pregnancy it can prevent stretch marks, hemorrhoids and varicosities of veins. This remedy can also be indicated for all displacements of the uterus (prolapsus, anteversion, retroversion). The uterus can also be very hard and without tone.

Calc Phos

This remedy restores strength to the body, aids during convalescence and anemia. It helps in circulation problems and strengthens bones and teeth (growth and development of fetus and children) as a result of low calcium absorption by the body.

It helps recover from surgery, miscarriages, labor and it should be taken during pre-conception and pregnancy in order to prevent mineral deficiencies that can cause birth defects.

In men this remedy can help in cases of swelling of the testicles, hydrocele and discharges from the urethra as a result of gonorrhea or chronic inflammation. In women this remedy can help in cases of vaginal discharge.

Calc Sulph

Of all the twelve tissue salts, this is an excellent blood purifier and it help eliminate accumulations of organic matter in the blood and tissues.

This is the main remedy for acne due to an impure blood and hormonal imbalances. In men this remedy can help for abscess of the prostatic gland, swelling of lymph glands of the growing area and ulceration of the glans with discharge.

In women it is associated with thick, yellow vaginal discharges.

Ferrum Phos

This remedy is known as the oxygen carrier, gives strength and toughness to arteries, blood vessels and skin. It soothes pain due to congestion and inflammatory.

In men it can help in cases of varicocele, inflammation of the prostatic gland and testicles. In women it is useful for painful menses with bright red discharges, inflammation of the uterus (metritis) and vagina.

It can help absorb iron and in anemic cases as a result of heavy menses. It is a remedy for first stage inflammation with redness, swelling and fever.

Kali Mur

This remedy is a glandular tonic helpful in cases of thick white discharges with white coating on the tongue and symptoms that get worse after eating fatty foods and dampness. This remedy is potassium chloride which combines with the protein fibrin involved in blood clotting.

A deficiency of this cell salt causes a deficiency in fibrin which accumulates as thick, white discharges. In men, this remedy can help for inflammatory swelling of the testicles with white discharges from the urethra.

In women, it helps for whitish, milky-white, vaginal discharges. If the menses are late or suppressed or come too early with dark colored blood with congestion of the uterus, cystitis, and white vaginal yeast, Kali Mur can help.

Kali Phos

This is one of the twelve tissue salts that is a well known nerve nutrient that helps maintain the mental faculties sharp. It can help in cases or nervousness, irritability, and sadness.

Irregular menses which are too late and too scanty. Amenorrhea and nervous affection during menses. Fits of crying before and during menses. It can help to prevent threatened miscarriages in women who are physically and mentally weak.

In men, this remedy can help in weak sexual stamina from nervous symptoms or weakness after too much sexual excitement.

Kali Sulph

Works in conjunction with Ferrum Phos as an oxygen carrier. If your skin has brownish spots, or vitiligo you may need this cell salt.

In women it can help in cases of yellow-green vaginal discharge, when the menses are too late and very scanty with fullness and weight in the abdomen and uterus.

During pregnancy it helps in cases of pregnancy mask. In men it helps in swelling of the testis with diminished sexual desire.

Mag Phos

Of all the twelve tissue salts, this is the one I used and recommend the most. Deficiency of magnesium causes spasms, twitching, and cramps.

Indicated for nerve pains such as neuralgia, sciatica and pains associated with shooting, darting, and stubbing sensations. In women it is very useful if taken with warm water during painful labor-like menses.

It is also indicated in neuralgia of the ovaries. In men it can help in cases of sharp spasmodic pains in the urethra.

Nat Mur

Regulates water distribution within the cells. Nat mur is sodium chloride and it is a component of the intracellular fluid. Excessive moisture in any part of the system indicates sodium chloride deficiency.

This remedy is commonly used for those who have the tendency of catching hay fever and colds with discharge of watery mucus, wheezing, sneezing, and blocked nose. It is useful for toothache and facial neuralgia with flow of tears that taste salty.

This remedy can help regulate thyroid function and address edema. It cannot be taken for long periods of time, no more than two week, without supervision because some people may develop sodium imbalances.

It can be used for those who suffer from sadness and hopelessness with craving for salty foods and slow digestion. In men it can help in gonorrhea cases with transparent, watery, scalding discharge. In women it is useful in delayed menses with sadness, weeping, itching of the vulva, watery burning discharge or dryness.

Nat Phos

This tissue salt is known as the best acid neutralizer. As a cell salt anti-acid, it regulates the acid-base balance in the stomach, blood and other organs.

If you become deficient, uric acid is deposited around the joints and tissues causing stiffness and swelling. It is used to ease painful rheumatic conditions, poor bile and liver function and enzymatic imbalances. It is also useful in eliminating worms and nervousness.

In men it helps in weakness after seminal emissions. In women it helps regulate menses and balance the pH in the vagina due to acidic secretions that create a hostile environment to the sperm possibly preventing conception.

Nat Sulph

This tissue salt is a known water eliminator because it acts to remove waste products from the cells. It is important in the treatment of rheumatism, bitter taste in the mouth, biliousness, flu and malaria. In men it can be helpful in cases of hydrocele, swelling of the penis, and venereal warts.

In women it is beneficial in cases of profuse menses with morning diarrhea or constipation. This remedy cannot be taken in high amounts as a tissue salt because of its strong action and detoxifying effect. Please consult with a homeopathic practitioner.


Silica isone pf the twelve tissue salts that is well known for helping strengthen nails, skin and hair. This remedy is a deep cell cleanser and conditioner. It helps clear up pimples, abscesses or calcium deposits and spurs.

It is helpful in cases of offensive odor of the feet and arms, night sweats, itchy eyes and nose, ringing in the ears, and sinus related problems. It helps support a weak immune system and poor assimilation of nutrients leading to mineral deficiencies.

In males it is indicated in Hydrocele, chronic gonorrhea and itching of the scrotum with much sweat.

In women we see constipation during menses, profuse menses with coldness, burning and itching of the vagina. Silica is found in connective tissue especially embryonic, thus it should be supplied to pre-conception and expecting moms to prevent deficiency in the fetus. It also improves the health of hair, nails and skin.

Silica is known to push foreign bodies out of the body so use with caution if you have implants of foreign material. If you have splinters that are deep and do not come out, this remedy in homeopathic preparation can help push then to the surface.

"Twelve Tissue Salts" All In One Remedy

Some homeopathic pharmacies or health food stores carry "Twelve Tissue Salts" all in one remedy. This is also called "Bioplasma" and it is usually given to those who suffer from a chronic condition and who need a tonic.

This "Twelve Tissue Salts" remedy can give energy and help re-build strength after a viral infection. It contains all the above remedies and it is taken for a period of two weeks in alternation until health is restored.

"Twelve Tissue Salts" is also recommended to women who are nursing, and during postpartum. It is especially helpful for those who have experienced a difficult birth with high loss of blood.

Fertility Blessings!

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