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Unexplained Infertility Help

by Nicole
(Weyburn, SK, Canada)

Hi, my husband and I have been dealing with unexplained infertility for the last 5 years, I ovulate on my own, my husband has healthy sperm but they are slow swimmers.

I was wondering what types of supplements we can go on to help us?

I don’t like taking medications from the dr, I tried clomid but it made me very sick. I have also done 2 IUI's with no success. I have an 11 year old daughter from a previous relationship.., please help us..


Hi Nicole,

The most effective and safest way to boost both male and female fertility is through vitamins, anti-oxidants and herbal supplementation.

Many couples have been able to support healthy ovulatory cycles and increase sperm count and sperm motility naturally by using FertiAid products. I would recommend them to all those you need to improve the quality of the sperm and eggs.


FertilAid for women in conjunction with FertileCM is the best way to begin increase fertility and support healthy ovulation each month.

These supplements contain all the minerals, vitamins and herbs the body needs to maintain hormonal balance to support the menstrual cycle.

They also contain key anti-oxidants that will help the body make healthy eggs to prevent free radicle damage that can cause poor egg quality.

FertileCM also helps you increase the quality and quantity of fertile cervical mucus. If you have been taking Clomid, your
cervical mucus may be less as Clomid is known to dry up cervical mucus. This can lower your ability to conceive every month because the cervical mucus is required to maintain the sperm healthy within your reproductive tract just before the egg is released.

The key to achieving conception is to have sex each day from when you detect fertile mucus up until 24 hours before the egg is released. Fertile mucus looks like raw egg white and is stretchy and very slippery. The more the better.

This fertile cervical mucus is necessary to keep the sperm alive, healthy and swimming well and in the right direction. In fact, cervical mucus is similar in composition to the male seminal fluids. It provides nutrients, keeps the proper alkalinity level for sperm survival and provides what they are called swimming lanes for the sperm to swim faster and reach the egg in healthy conditions.

If your husband has poor sperm motility, it is very important that you have healthy cervical mucus.


FertileAid for men in conjunction with Motility Boost provide all the necessary nutrients and anti-oxidants to boost male fertility and especially to increase the percentage of motile sperm in the semen. Consider that it will take at least 3-4 months to see improvements in sperm quality, but it will be worth the effort.

Also, make sure to follow a healthy diet and avoid stress.

Fertility Blessings!

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