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Unexplained Infertility

Doctors have told my sister in law that in some cases there is no known reason or cause for not being able to conceive. There is nothing physiologically wrong or malfunctioning with both her and my brother. Is there anything you can suggest?

It seems as though she's doing all the right things.


If the doctors cannot find anything physiologically wrong with both partners, there are many things they can do to help them in their attempt to conceive.

1. Follow a healthy diet and avoid process foods, non-prescription medication, alcohol, smoking, and chemicals. Drinking tap water is not advised in couples living in areas where the water contains fluoride and chloride as these chemicals may inhibit ovulation and impair sperm quality.

2. Take fertility supplements with anti-oxidants.
In many cases of unexplained infertility, a lack of specific nutrients in both male and female partner can be the cause. Many couples achieve conception within 3-4 months of supplementing their diet with fertility supplements that contains key vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and herbs for fertility.

3. Eliminate toxins. Many cases on unexplained infertility can be solved by following a simple detox. In fact, not everyone knows that many toxins can cause early miscarriage and affect hormonal balance.

4. Increase fertile cervical mucus.
Many women who have regular cycles fail to conceive because they lack fertile cervical mucus. Just before ovulation as estrogen levels increase, the body produces fertile cervical mucus that looks like raw egg white and that is stretchy and transparent. This mucus helps ensure that the sperm will be kept inside the female reproductive tract in perfect conditions as the egg is released. The best time to have sex is 24 hours before ovulation provided that this mucus is present in large quantities.

5. Relaxation is a must for everyone who wants to have a baby. In men, sperm count can be affected by high stress levels and stress can delay ovulation in women.

I hope this helps them find something they may feel they should be working on. In my opinion stress and toxicity are the major culprits of unexplained infertility.

Many Blessings!

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