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Unwanted Pregnancy

My menses due date was 4 June, but I am not done yet today, last month I took an unwanted 72 on 24, but relations were made after that also, now a days I am suffering from tastelessness, fever vomiting etc, I am in tension because I don't want to be pregnant now, kindly tell me what I should do?

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Long Menses
by: Anonymous

When symptoms are present like in your case, it is very important that you talk to your doctor. Your doctor will be able to assess your situation and advise your specific case. You may take a home pregnancy test before seeing your doctor if you want. If it is negative you can relax, but you can have an infection or something else and still need medical attention.

Late Period
by: Reta

I had sex with my boyfriend on August 14th, 3days before my period was due. My periods has not come yet. Please, tell me why and tell me the way how should I should do.

Possible Delayed Ovulation
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

If you usually have regular menses, having sex three days your period is due will not cause you to be pregnant. If you are under stress, it is possible to have what is called delayed ovulation and your period will come late. I would recommend doing a home pregnancy test.

If you want to prevent a pregnancy naturally, I would recommend following the fertility awareness method based on natural family planning that teaches when to avoid your fertile period.

If is very important to wait to have sex until after you know for sure that you have ovulated.
This method consists on taking your basal body temperature, checking your fertile mucus and the position of your cervix, plus other fertility symptoms.

Once you have a temperature rise you have ovulated, you should avoid intercourse three days before and after your temperature rise. You also should avoid having sex if you have fertile cervical mucus.

You can utilize a fertility monitor like Ovacue. This fertility monitor is used to achieve conception but it can also prevent pregnancy as well. It measures the hormone levels in your saliva to let you know that you are getting closer to ovulation and it also tells you when ovulation has occurred if you use the vaginal sensor.

All the bets!

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