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Varicocele Male Infertility

by Ava
(Huntington Beach, CA)

My bf told me he has varicocele and that it can lower fertility for men. He has a 4 year old son with his ex-girlfriend that was unplanned but I'm worried what if that was a one-time thing and we won't be able to get pregnant. Anyone have any experience with this at all?? Any answers are much appreciated.


Hi Ava,

Not all men with varicocele are infertile. It’s true that varicocele can lower male fertility, but there are many options available in order to conceive.

The best way to know if your boyfriends’ fertility is all right is to have a sperm analysis test and talk to your doctor.

Forty percent of men with varicocele are infertile. Varicocele does seem to affect spermatogenesis, the formation of sperm in men.
Studies have shown that the letf testicle seems to be more effective than the right and that in most men varicocele is a bilateral condition. Of course there is a percentage of men where only one testicles is affected and these men can father children easily.

Varicocele And Male Infertility

Variocele causes the temperature in the testicles to rise from the backing up of temperature in the rest of the body. The testicles are located outside of the body in order to maintain the temperature in the testicles 4 degree lower. The reason for this temperature difference is that there is an enzyme required for the transcription of the genetic material that is not functional in high temperatures.

This increase in temperature is caused by venus enlargement of the internal spermatic veins that drain the testicles.

Testicular varicocele develops as a result of defective valves that normally allow for blood to flow back from the testicle to the abdomen. When this does not happen efficiently, gravity pulls the blood down toward the testicles. Varicocele creates an environment for sperm formation.

“Testicular temperature elevation and venous reflux appear to play an important role in varicocele-induced testicular dysfunction, although the exact pathophysiology of varicocele-induced damage is not yet completely understood. “(The American Urological Association and American Society for Reproductive Medicine 2001 Report on Varicocele and Infertility)

Also, abnormal venous blood flow from the scrotum increases metabolic waste products and decreases the availability of nutrients and oxygen necessary for healthy sperm production.

When the blood circulation is the testicle sis compromised as a result of varicocele, testosterone levels may drop and impair sperm production.

When treating varicocele naturally it’s important to support the body in increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs and increase nutrients availability for healthy sperm production.

The following are possible natural health treatments that can help man with testicular varicocele and infertility.

Homeopathic Treatment Of Testicular Varicocele

It is possible to treat varicocele cases naturally with homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic

1. Relieve stagnation of blood

2. Increase blood circulation

3. Improve vein walls’ elasticity

4. Reduce

5. Prevent varicosities to re-occur

5. Reduce swelling

6. Improve sperm health

Homeopathic remedies work best when taken as soon as the varicocele is diagnosed. Delaying treatment with homeopathy causes the case to become chronic, which needs more time to resolve.


This remedy is for varicosities and varicocele. It is indicated for inflammation of the testicles with the pain going from the abdomen to the testis. Thick yellow discharge from the urethra. General amelioration from open air. Late stages of gonorrhea. Feeling of constriction felt in the penis and testicles. Urine passes only in drops with pain and difficult urination. Acute inflammation of the prostatic gland.


Burning and soreness in the genitals with tendency to have rashes on the inner surface of the thighs. Chronic gonorrhea. Elephantiasis of scrotum. Nocturnal discharges of spermatic fluids. Hydrocele.

Aurum metallicum

Painful and swollen testicles. Chronic indurations of testicles. Violent erections. Hydrocele. Atrophy of testicles.


This remedy is great for venous congestion. Varicocele. Pain in testis. Testicles enlarged, hot and painful. Inflammation of the epididymis. Pain in the spermatic cords running down the testicles. Also Hamamelis lotion can be applied on the scrotum.

Fluoric acidum

Swollen scrotum from varicocele. High sex drive with erections at night during sleep. Burning sensation in the urethra. Improving fertility with this remedy can be achieved because it helps reduce the swelling caused by the varicose.

Ferrum phos

First stage of inflammation. Heat, redness and swelling of the scrotum.

Plumbum metallicum

This remedy helps for loss of sexual powers and for varicocele with feeling to testicles drawn up and feeling of constriction.

Swollen testicles worse left side with a drawing sensation. Inflammation of the testicles. Hydrocele.

Arnica montana

Varicocele after an injury with soreness, bruising venous stasis and relaxed blood vessels.

When in doubt about the use of homeopathic remedies consult with a trained professional because a homeopathic practitioner treats the person and not the disease.

Herbal Remedies for Varicocele

The following herbs may tone, strengthen, and improve the function of veins:

Horse Chestnut

Butcher's Broom


Vitamins For Varicocele

The following are very important butrients have proven to support helathy blood circulation and increase sperm count:

Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids


Vitamin E


Male fertility vitamins provide all the nutrients needed by the body to support healthy sperm production.

Read this article on FertilAid fertility vitamins for Men and varicocele.

Testicular varicocele Repair Surgery

If a natural approach is not effective the next step is to resort to varicocele repair surgery. If varicocele repair surgery is successful, fertility is restored and a man should be able to father a baby fairly soon.

This type of surgery poses possible complications that occur infrequently. Varicocele repair complications are wound infection, hydrocele, recurrence of varicocele and, testicular atrophy.

After treatment of a varicocele, semen analysis should be performed at 3-4 months intervals.

Fertility Blessings!

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