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Vitex to Get Pregnant

by Chinwe
(Nigeria, Enugu)

Please, I am 42 yrs old and in marriage of 2 yrs and no pregnancy, I went to doc for ovulation problem, he prescribed parlordel and clomid still nothing happened. I noticed small breast milk coming out since 7th of dis month. Pls help me, how to get vitex for the treatment of the breast milk and ovulation, I am residing in enugu state Nigeria.



Hi Chinwe,

Vitex can help women with high prolactin levels that causes breast milk production in non-pregnant women, but you cannot be on other fertility drugs like Clomid and Parlordel while on Vitex.

So, you really need first to talk to your doctor and tell him you are considering a natural approach to your problem and want to stop taking conventional fertility drugs.

In Nageria, you can find natural fertility herbal remedies though FertilAid. Contact them and ask about FertilAid for Women, I am sure they will be able to help you. Here is their address:

Divine Fertility Drugs
21, 15th Crescent Gwarimpa
Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: 08133943373 or 07038886978

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How to use vitex?
by: Anonymous

I am 29 and TTC , I have PCOS. How to use Vitex can I use in AF ?


It is best to stop taking Vitex during the mentrual cycle. Vitex supports that corpus luteum to produce progesterone. Once your period starts the corpus lutm breaks down and the progesterone levels decrease naturally. There is no reason to continue taking Vitex while mentruating.

The only time a woman could continue taking Vitex is when she is spotting and she suffers from luteal phase defect. In this case, continue to take Vitex during spotting until you have a real flow.

You can resume taking Vitex around day 5 or when your period is over.

Fertility Blessings!

Fertileaid for women
by: Anonymous

Hi am 26 TTC after been diagnosed with pcos. wondering whats the sucess rate for fertileaid and ovaboost. and any side effects pls?


FertilAid for women is a great fertility tonic and can help women support ovulation and ovaboost helps support the body in making healthier eggs.

If you have been diagnosed with PCOS a more tailored approached may be necessary. For this I would encourage you to learn more about HormoneWise Kit.

This kit works really well in conjunction with the PCOS diet.

Many Blessings!

by: Timi

Hi well I have irregular mensural periods and I suspect hormonal inbalance can I also use this vitex? How effective is it?


Hi Timi,

Vitex is a great herb to help support ovulation and the second half of the menstrual cycle. It is used to treat irregular periods due to poor progesterone levels leading to non-ovulatory cycles or luteal phase defect.

Vitex when taken for hormonal issues is best taken as part of a fertility formula like Fertile XX. This formula contains other herbs that support the reproductive organs and boost fertility.

Fertility Blessings!

About Ovarian Cyst
by: Anonymous

I have an ovarian cyct with imbalance hormone I have been on TTC for 5yr and blockage of tubes can vitex solved my problems?


Vitex can help create hormonal balance and help support ovulation, but if you have ovarian cyst formation and blocked tubes a more tailored approach may be required in the beginning.

I would recommend learning more about the OvarianWise Kit.

The formation of ovarian cyst is often the result of high levels of bad estrogens (xenoestrogens)in the body which compete with the natural estrogen produced by the body.

Doing a fertility cleanse is often a great way to give the body a way to eliminate excess estrogen by supporting the liver to break it down faster and effectively.

In alternative medicine ovarian cyst formation is often considered to be a sign of estrogen dominance. This condition can be addressed by applying natural bio-identical progesterone cream for 1-3 months to help the body naturally re-absorb the cyst.

The OvarianWise Kit also contains other supplants like DIM to help maintain estrogen levels balanced, Wobenzym to help reduce inflammation and decrease scar formation or adhesion, and castor oil packs, which is the best natural way to help the body decrease and eliminate scar causing pain and inflammation. Castor oil therapy also help unblock the fallopian tubes.

Many Blessings!

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