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What Do You Recommend For Herbal Tampon?

by Siti

I have tried medical treatment and alternative medicine for my blocked fallopian tubes. Do you advice for me to try herbal tampon too for completing my efforts? You write about herbal tampons and that herbal tampon have no side effects. Where are herbal suppliers that I can buy from to make herbal tampons? Do you recommend a trustable herbal store for me?

What are the chances for women with blocked fallopian tubes get pregnant naturally?

I hope you tell me honest.. Thank you Maria for your answer.


Hi Siti,

There are many ways to make an herbal tampon:

Purchase a complete kit from a trusted supplier. I do recommend felopio. This is expensive, in my opinion, but effective.

This system works really well for those who have hydrosalpinx.

Fertility Blessings!

Comments for What Do You Recommend For Herbal Tampon?

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Your advice is so nice
by: siti

Thank you Maria, your advice is so nice. Next month I will try it although I've read many opinions that agree and disagree. Warm greetings for me.

Sex while using herbal tampon
by: Shanna

Hi, thanks for your instructions about the herbal tampon. My question is, is it okay to have sex during use? Of course not while wearing the tampon, but after douching?


Hi Shanna,

It would be best not to have sex while using herbal tampons for blocked fallopian tubes as bacteria, viruses and impurities can be introduced into the reproductive tract through sperm.

It you really want to have sex while using an herbal tampon, than the best time would be after douching and before inserting the next tampon. You can douche again with Chamomile tea after sex.
Do not use lubricants as they can introduce toxins inside your body.

If you have blocked fallopian tubes, do not try to conceive until your tubes are completely unblocked. Make sure to chart your cycle and if you want to have sex, do it after you have ovulated or use protection to prevent a tubal pregnancy.

Using a condom would be recommended, but consider that condom also introduce toxins inside the female reproductive tract and should be avoided in women who have blocked fallopian tubes, poor immune system, infertility and endometriosis.

Women with blocked fallopian tubes are at very high risk of having a tubal pregnancy that can result in the emergency surgery and possible tubal loss or tubal scarring.

Follow the herbal tampons and douching protocol for at least one month, preferably without having sex. The fallopian tubes are unblocked when you have seen 3 or 4 consecutive days of clear flushes during douching.

Also consider using The FallopianWise Fertility Kit in conjunction with herbal tampons to help the body clear adhesions and blockages in the fallopian tubes. This kit combines enzyme therapy, herbal therapy, and Self Fertility Massage to support the body in clearing blocked fallopian tubes.

Fertility Blessings!

Maria Gioia

by: Anonymous

Hi! When you say a herbal douche, do you mean douche with the chamomile or the liquid from the herbs. Also I'm wearing one over night and the next morning a new one. And douche every night after I shower with chamomile. I am having unprotected sex but before I insert the new tampon. My fiancé and I are trying to conceive. Now when I do the douche with chamomile I don't see anything come out. The last time I had a hysterosalpingogram was 10-11 a little over a year. But I just started the treatment almost a month now. Please let me know if I douche with chamomile or can I also douche with the herbs? And why am I not seeing anything come out like debris? Thank you and I'm very positive with this treatment.
Remember I have bilateral hydrosalpinxs. I am 29 yrs old and I have a 5 yr old, at the time of conception of my daughter I only had 1 tube blocked and it took me a year to conceive.

Thank you so much!


You may need to keep the herbal tampon longer than just overnight. It is best to keep it for 24 hours. You removed it and then douche with only Chamomile Tea not the herbs (that's just for soacking the tampon).

Do not have sex or try to conceive during this time because if your tubes are still blocked there is a small chance you could get pregnant and if this happens you are at higher risk of ectopic and tubal pregnancy.

Also, having sex may increase the risk if infections.

You should be able to see any debries within 2 weeks or regular use. If you don't you need to continue.

To help this process, do self fertility massage after you remove the tampon.

To learn how to do this, you can get the Self-fertility massage DVD.

Fertility Blessings!

Maria Gioia

Herbal Tampons
by: Kenna Scott

Hello to all the ladys that is trying to have a little one.i just want to share the happiness of me and my husband is doing the herbal tampons and i brought all the herbs from the store.11/20/12 was my first day starting the treatment. The good news is when i douche with the tea i seen all the debris they said you Will see. After my treatment is over i will keep you posted if im having a little one.

Thank you.


Hi Kenna,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with using herbal tampons to unblock the fallopian tubes. It is really amazing how this simple technique can help women who have blocked tubes see results in relatively little amount of time.

Please, keep sharing your experience and keep us all informed on your progress.

Fertility Blessings!

by: Anonymous

I started using the treatment in early october is now November 26 and I'm 2 days late. I tested yesterday but it was negative. Should I test again tomorrow? or wait more days? Is it possible for my fallopian tubes to be unblocked already? When I would douche I will never see debris.... What does that mean??? Please help!!!!
Thank you


It is important to do anothe HPT in 48 hours as the hcg (pregnancy hormone) levels increase steadily during the beginning of pregnancy.

It is too early to speculate on what could be happening, you could simply be late. It is important that if you do have a positve pregnancy test to see your doctor because if your tubes were blocked you are at risck of tubal pregnancy.

I do not recommend trying to conceive while doing herbal tampoon to unblock the falloian tubes.

Many Blessings!

by: Anonymous

Hi yes I've used it and t was working it is really expensive...I wish I had the money to continue but I didn't...but yes I saw a lot f scar tissue coming out during the douches......

by: Anonymous

Can you pre soak tampons for the day after or must you seep herbs, soak tampon and immediately insert?


You have to do it immediately!

by: Rhoda

Yes, this my 7th day on Felopio and it's amazing at what I see each time I flush using the chamomile tea, I see alot of particle as stated by Maria, my last night flushing I saw a big one, I try to remove it from the water to check what dat could be, it was a thick mucus. Well don't know where is coming, is it from the Uterus or tubes. Am happy that I finally purchase felopio and is working.


Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am happy to know that Felopio is working for you.

Many Blessings!


Hi Rhonda,

I am glad that you are seeing great results! The debris are coming from your fallopian tubes are a sign that it is working. Keep up with it.

Many Blessings!

Herbal Douche
by: Anonymous

Hi, can I do herbal douche while taking supplement in FallopianWise, cinnamon, poria, serraseptase, Dim and doing castor oil pack? Thank you!


Yes you can douche if you like at the same time.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes
by: Confused


I have read about herbal tampons.. Can I just know does is it really really helps to clear blocked fallopian tubes by using herbal tampons?.. is it a 100% cure? I am feeling confused.. Please advise


Hi There,

There is no 100% cure for anything, but many women who suffer from hydrosalpinx find that herbal tampons can really help them unblock the fallopian tubes.

Many Blessings!

The Herbs
by: Anonymous

I noticed some of the herbs on the two sites you provided that they were almost whole herbs. Should I try to break these down to powder form before "taking the teaspoon"? One of them kinda looks like tree bark..


The herbs can be broken down into smaller pieces before use, but do not make them into powder.

Herb Question
by: Anonymous

Hi. I just had a question about some of the herbs. For the Osha Root- can it be the extract? For the Goldenseal- should I get the root or leaf? Thank you


Goldensead is the root. It is best to use the Osha root because the extract is alcoholic and may cause irritation. If you cannot find it as root, you can leave it out as long as you add Goldenseal root. Both these herbs have anti-bacterial properties.

Fertility Blessings!

Please Offer some guidance!
by: Anonymous

My left fallopian tube is blocked and have had endometriosis- the gyno- says I should remove my left tube and try just using my right to conceive.
I am really opposed to doing this- and since then been gathering up the ingredients to try the herbal tampon and douche.

I realise some advocate starting this process after last menses.

I waited and waited and 39 days (false pregnancy tests x 5) I began the process.
Now for the last two nights I have had discomfort subtle pain and very infrequent shooting pain from both sides.

I took tampon out after 4-5 hours each night (for some sleep)- still douching in the morning - but there is nothing (maybe its too early) but I am really nervous that something is wrong or maybe over protective of the "good" fallopian tube....not sure...but would love to know if it is normal to feel discomfort if endo "liquid" blocking the tube is dislodging ; AND if it is ok to keep going each night- even though I no longer know where I am in my period (usually 27-28 days- except for July (33) and Aug (today 41))

My right side still shoots pain - please tell me it is normal and that it is ok to keep going to see if the process works for me without risking the right side?


If you are using herbal tampons like Felopio, there should be no discomfort during this process. The pain can be related to the endometriosis responding to the hormonal stimulation during the monthly cycle.

The use of tampons should be followed according to the protocol. This is very important!

STEP 1: Insert the herbal tampon into the vagina at bedtime and leave it for 24 hours.

STEP 2: The next day, remove the herbal tampon and douche using chamomile tea.

STEP 3: Insert a new herbal tampon

Repeat steps 1 to 3 every evening until your period arrives or until you have had 3 or 4 consecutive days of clear flushes.

You should begin to see results within a week from the start of the procedure.

Douching with Chamomile tea allows you to immediately see the results of this treatment.

It is important to see the debris coming out during the Chamomile flushing.

If the above method is causing you discomfort, it may not be necessary suited for your situation. You can try The FallopianWise Kit, which does not include using herbal tampons, but only self-fertility massage, enzymatic therapy and castor oil packs, which have been used to help break down scar tissue associated with endometriosis.

This kit also contain herbal remedies that help decrease the pain associated with endometriosis implants.

Many Blessings!

Question on Unblocking The Fallopian Tubes
by: Anonymous

I was told nearly 2 years ago that both of my tubes were blocked and there was nothing I could do apart from ivf do you think I should try the herbal tampons or just save up and do ivf.. Do u know of anybody that this has actually worked for?


If you want to use herbal tampons, I would recommend searching for Felopio, these herbal tampons have helped many women unblock the fallopian tubes. The results really depends on many factors, so I cannot tell you if it will work for you or not. My opinion is that the herbal tampons really help those who have hydrosalpinx unblock the fallopian tubes really well.

Those who have infections like TB or other bacterial infection like Chlamydia have the most difficulty with herbal tampons, but may be helped eliminate the infection and the inflammation caused by these conditions. The damage caused as a result these infections may still cause scar tissue adhesions in the fallopian tubes which may still stay blocked. There are no guarantees, the only way is to try.

Another cause of blockage may be endometrial implants from endometriosis. In this case, herbal tampons may help in mild cases, but may not always be effective.

Other techniques that can help are decrease and seduce scar tissue are: Self-fertility massage, Castor Oil therapy, Enzymatic therapy and herbs.

Many Blessings!

herbal tampons w. applicator soaked in a liquid...hmmm
by: DL

It is my understanding and based on my internet searching that herbal tampons come with paper applicators. Also, tampons are made to absorb liquid and then expan to prevent the fluid from exiting the body. How then can a tampon be soaked in a liquid with a paper applicator and not expand beyond it's casing? I tried this, it doesn't work. This leads me to believe this receipe is ineffective for treating anything. Also ther eis no mention of how long to soak the tampon for...


It can be done using tampons who do not have an applicator or removing them from inside the applicator.
After soaking, remove excess liquid until the tampon has a size that allows for it to be inserted. Using the smaller size tampons available will help.
They do gain some volume, but removing the extra liquid using clean hands or gloves helps.

If this is too complicated, it is possible to douche using the herbal bland tea, instead of using tampons.

Tampon applicator
by: Anonymous

Should the Tampon applicator be left inside or removed when inserted ?
Also,you said the tampon should be used for 24 hours,should it be changed in the mornings with a new one? since its advisable not to have a tampon for more than 4 hours. I'm confused here.


Regular tampons that are used during the menstrual cycle should be changed every 4 hours, but this contains herbs that have healing properties.

When in doubt, consult with a local naturopath or master herbalist.

The Herbal tea
by: Anonymous

So I should just boil me some tea to uses for douching?
I been using water and so much is coming out.

Would my chances be better with tea?


Chamomille tea is best!

thick mucus
by: Anonymous

I have been using the herbal tampon for 4 days now and on the 4th day I douched and saw very thick white mucus came out, is this a good sign that the herbal tampon is working? I did nt see any debris though.


Yes, this could be a good sign. It may take longer to see debris.

All the best!

Can herbal tampons reverse affects of falope ring??
by: Katie

I have read that the falope ring kills fallopian tube and the dead tissue is absorbed by the body.. Can herbal tampons unblock the remaining healthy tube or must the ring be surgically removed before the tampon would help with that blockage?? God sent me to seek answers I can feel it!! Thank you


Hi Katie,

Falope ring is a form of tubal ligation and is used as a form of sterilization. A reversal surgery is required to open the tube. This type of tubal reversal has high possibility of success. If there is any damage to the tubes, The Fallpian Wise Kit is a better choice than the tampons.

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