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When the ovulation will happen?

by Patricia

Hello I am 36 I am trying to get pregnant I am under clomid 100mg and glucophage 1500mg this is my first cycle with clomid the thing I start using OPK but this last 3 days it show me a color of test but it is not as dark as the control color so I am not sure if the test + or no and my doctor told me to start progesterone 72 hours after ovulation which makes me confusing. I have two boys one is 6 and half one is two the first one I got only clomid 100mg and glucophage and it worked for me the first cycle the second baby I did injection (gonal f ) after clomid and I got pregnant the first cycle and this time I do not know . The doctor said we have to try every day between 14 and 21 but my hd is working hard and he cannot make it every day and he is 48years. Would you please be so kind as to give me some advice that they can help.



Hi Paricia,

There are a number of things that can help your situation and increase your chances of conception:

1. Using OPK is great but make sure you are also monitoring your cycle by taking your basal body temperature (BBT) and by charting your cervical mucus. I think that doing the 3 together will increase ability to predict ovulation. The problem with OPK is that they measure the luteinizing hormone surge and this is short lived. Some women may miss it, depending on their hormonal balance. You can also test twice a day, but what you are looking for is not for a positive because LH hormone is always present in your urine, but for the surge that will show in your OPK test strip as the fattest or darkest line. You should see a small skinny line that over a few days as ovulation approaches gets darker until it reached a top and then begins to decrease in intensity. You should have sex as soon as you detect the highest concentration of LH because the egg is release about24-48 hours after the LH surge.

Learn more about Ovulation Predictor Kits here.

2. Make sure
you have enough fertile cervical mucus, because Clomid can dry up your cervical mucus and prevent the sperm from staying alive long enough to fertilize the egg.

I am so surprised to learn that so many women are put on Clomid and not told about this very important detail. The best way to solve or prevent this situation is to supplement with FertileCM, a natural supplement that helps the body make more fertile cervical mucus.

Many couples use Pre-seed sperm friendly lubricant to help maintain a healthy cervical pH and prevent hostile mucus. Women who are taking Clomid to induce ovulation frequently experience hostile mucus. Clomid can cause hostile cervical mucus which is sticky and looks like paste. This mucus prevents the sperm from swimming freely. Within this type of mucus, the sperm is also weaker and becomes to die faster.

One way to counteract hostile mucus is to use a sperm-friendly lubricant. Pre-seed has been clinically tested to help counteract hostile cervical mucus and does not harm the sperm. Most couples don’t know that the vast majority of lubricants available at your grocery store are not sperm friendly and contain harmful chemicals that are not recommended to trying-to-conceive couples.

Learn more about Pre-seed, FertileCM and how to make fertile mucus here.

3. Having sex between day 14 and day 22 may not be necessary the correct time for you, because nobody really knows when you ovulate unless you chart your cycle. The only way to know is to chart your cycle and find out exactly when you are about to ovulate. Not every woman ovulates around day 14 and this depends on the fact that your luteal phase may not be necessary 14-15 days long. If your doctor is recommending progesterone and you begin taking it too early you may supress ovulation. You really need to chart in order to know for sure.

Learn how to chart your cycle and detect ovulation by downloading my fertility guide here.

4. Help the male sperm by asking your husband to take FertiAid vitamins for men. The healthier your husband’s sperm is the better, especially if he is 48. FertilAid will also help increase his sexual stamina while increasing sperm count, sperm motility and sperm morphology.

Learn more about FertilAid vitamins for men.

Fertility Blessings!

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