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When to check that I am pregnant

by Shubha

My last menstrual period was on 9th march and my periods are regular. I always get my period started exactly the same day and this month it has gone 4 days more. I have observed that each time during the menstrual cycle begins (5 to 6 days before) my stomach gets bulged and breasts get tender and nipples are painful. But this time there are no symptoms as such and my body temperature has been increased too. But i don't have any symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness, vomiting etc. I am feeling very tired now a days and sleepy too. So please advise when I should go for the test. I am very curious to hear that am pregnant.

I would like to inform you that I had been suffering from hypothyroidism which is normal and under control from last ten months. We had taken the advice of the doctor and with his permission only we had decided to conceive for the second time. The doctor said me to be on complete rest since there is a long gap between the first pregnancy and now. My son is now 9yrs old.
I request you to please give me necessary tips so that I do get conceived and deliver a healthy baby.


Hi Shubha,

You can do a home pregnancy test right now. If you ovulated and has sex at the right time (close to March 23rd ) your chances of been pregnant are high. Not every woman experiences morning sickness or pregnancy symptoms.

Being tired is often a symptom of early pregnancy, but since you have hypothyroidism this could also be related to that.

If you are keeping your thyroid gland under control then there is no reason to be concerned.
I am really hoping that you are pregnant.

So, go on have a pregnancy test and then let me know if it is positive. If it is make sure to follow your doctor’s advice and take prenatal vitamins like pregnancy plus and drink pregnancy tea each day to support your baby’s growth.

Many Blessings!

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pregnancy test is negative and still not going through the cycle
by: Shubha

Hi, As i said previously my last menustral period is 9th march and expecting a baby, I had gone through the pregnancy test early in the morning and it resulted in negative, I have not yet gone through my periods too till now nor any symptoms of it.are there still chances of getting pregnant? When should i do the next test? Should i think i am still pregnant? because from last one year my cycles are normal and in time .This is the first time my periods r lacking.
Please advice.

Missed Periods
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Let’s wait a little bit longer. Do a home pregnancy test in two days and then contact you doctor. Explain your situation and ask for a blood test. Blood test are more accurate and may detect the hCG hormones while urine based test will not.

If this test turns out to be negative simply wait for your new menstrual cycle to come and begin a new cycle.

Consider doing a fertility cleanse kit to help you get pregnant next time.

Fertility Blessings!

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