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White Dischange After Sex In Pregnancy

by Jacob Amani

Dear Madam, My girlfriend is pregnat each time we have sex she releases white things from here vigina what is that?


Hi Jacob,

It is actually normal to have increase vaginal discharge during pregnancy. During early pregnancy, cervical fluid production increases to form the mucus plug which protets the pregnancy from infections forming a barrier of mucus.

Later in pregnancy, this mucus plug dissolves and this can indicate that labour is getting close.

Having a white vaginal discharge during pregnancy is normal, but talking to the doctor at the next prenatal visit is a good idea, just to double check. If the discharge is milky in color and does not have a bad smell, it is not of concern. The increased blood flow to the vaginal area and hormonal changes are responsible for this. Often sex causes the contraction of the cervical muscles leading to the pushing down of this mucus. That’s why it is often more prominent after sex.

Other causes of white discharge during pregnancy could be yeast infection. This type of dischange is very common in pregnant women due to hromnal chances and especially in early pregnancy. It is often accompanied by burning and itching of the vulva.

If this discharge only happens right after sex, it could simply be spermatic fluids coming back up.

If there is any blood or any cramping, it would be best to avoid sex and talk to a doctor.

Many Blessings!

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white discharge in the vagina
by: doris

Am 40, had a stillbirth 5 years ago,and have not been pregnant since then. I have suffered from some chronic infections. I seem to be having white discharge everytime in the vagina, each time i check my body i see something like cervical mucus in the vagina but not necessarily offensive. Could this be unused hormone or cervical mucus deposit from the body or effect of some infections still lurking up in the system or some other causes? please advise.

White Discarge
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

It would be advisable to have talk to your doctor and ask for testing, just to make sure it is not an infection still lingering in your body. It is important to identify which pathogen, (especially chlamydia) could be responsible in order to find proper treatment.

Mucus discharges from the vagina are a natural way of the body to trap and eliminate toxins, allergens and pathogens.

Doing a candida detox can help eliminate Candida and other pathogens as these herbs contains powerful antiseptic and antifungal properties.

Fertility Blessings!

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