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Why Can't I Get Pregnant?

by lmartinez
(Colorado Cprings, CO)

I am 30yrs and have never been pregnant. I have been in several long last relationships and never used birth control. After the last 2 relationships both men got someone else pregnant. I have been tested, ultrasounds u name it. Nothing's wrong. I have fairly regular periods about every 26-27 days.... What could be the problem?


Unexplained infertility can be caused by many factors.

This is a list of possible causes of unexplained infertility:

1. Very short cycles (less than 21 days) causing short luteal phase

2. Long Cycles (more than 34 days) related to low progesterone and high estrogen

3. Being overweight (body mass index more than 25)

4. Being underweight (body mass index less than 18)

5. Excess exercise activity, lots of sport, etc.

6. Having being exposed to radiation or hazardous chemicals

7. Having taken certain drugs like antidepressant, cancer treatment drugs, etc

8. Having undiagnosed thyroid problems or being subclinical hypothyroid

9. Have estrogen dominance

10. Not timing of intercourse according to your fertile window

11. Having undiagnosed pelvic inflammatory disease

12. Having had pelvic surgery

13. Not having fertile cervical mucus

14. Having recurrent yeast or Candida infections

15. Lack of fertility vitamins and not following the fertility diet

16. Smoking

17. Drinking alcohol

18. Drinking coffee

19. Having high stress levels

20. Frequent travel and time zone change

As you can see there are many factors, mostly all related to life style changes that can be easily implemented. If you want to conceive the best place to start is by charting your cycle. This will tell you more in detail when your fertile time is so that you can target love making accordingly.

To get started, download my FREE Guide for Fertility Charting And natural Conception.

Fertility Blessings!

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