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Will Fibroids Shrink?

by Nancy

I am 40 yrs old and I never got pregnant. A few yrs ago I found out that I have fibroids and it was small at that time. Every six months I go and get an ultrasound done. I have few fibroids in the wall of my uterus and the biggest one is 4cm.

My period is really heavy and I get bleeding in between. My doctor advised me to get the Birth control pills. The birth control pills did not help me and my fibroids continued to grow. What should do? I need help and I am really scared of surgeries or removing my uterus. Will herbal medication help fibroids to shrink?


Hi Nacy,

It is possible to shrink fibroids naturally with herbal remedies and diet. It is so important to eliminate bad estrogen from your diet and life style. These chemical compounds are everywhere but the highest concentration is in your water, and foods that contain pesticides and animal meat grown with antibiotic and animal feel containing substances that stimulate fast animal growth and hormones. Your cosmetics can contain these compounds called hormonal disruptor, xenoestrogens like parabens. Avoid them at all costs as they stimulate your fibroids to grow.
Also, do not cook in a microwave oven and do not use plastic container at all. Get rid of all plastic lined can food in your house.

Make sure to drink only purified water as these chemicals find their way into the water system.

Herbal remedies can be very effective as they support your hormones and help eliminate excess estrogen from your body.

It is advisable to try a natural approach before resorting to surgery. You are way too young to
have a hysterectomy. Please, take your time in making this type of decision as this can affect your overall health.

Consider following the protocol of the FibroWise Remedy Kit after following a fertility cleanse of at least 2 months to help your body eliminate excess estrogen and cleanse your uterus and liver. This type of cleanse is very effective in creating hormonal balance. The FibroWise Remedy kit includes a complete protocol that addresses fibroid growth from many angles. It uses natural progesterone cream to help counteract excess estrogen, DIM to help breakdown and remove estrogen from the body, herbal remedies called Women’s best friend that decreases inflammation, swelling and pain. This herbal remedy is especially useful to reduce heavy menses and pain cause by fibroid growth.

For best results this protocol should be followed for a minimum of 3-4 months and in conjunction with diet and self-fertility massage therapy using castor oil to help shrink fibroids and eliminate scar tissue.

If the size of the fibroids keeps increasing it is important to address fibrin build up. Wobenzymis an excellent supplement that helps reduce the size of fibroids by help the body break down fibrin buildup. This supplement is used widely in enzymatic therapy and it is very powerful. In fact, it can only be taken with water and at least 45 minutes before a mean. The enzyme help the body digest abnormal growths, scar and fibroid tissue and re-establish healthy tissue.

By following a natural approach your body is supported to health and naturally decrease fibroids by eliminating excess estrogen and you will regain balance and good health. In order to succeed you need to give your body time and the proper support.

Many Blessings!

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