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Yoga Ball Workout In Pregnancy

The following yoga ball workouts are designed to help those pregnant women who want to keep fit during their pregnancy using a yoga ball.

Make sure you check with your doctor or midwife before doing any type of physical activity.

If you are during your third trimester, make sure you have support by holding onto the wall or a chair if you feel unstable.

I would also recommend the Birthball Handbook.

Yoga Ball Workout Series 1

Balance On The Ball and Stretch Side To Side

This simple exercise helps maintain a strong core by simply balancing sitting on the ball.

1. Sit upright on top of the ball, relax your arms by your sides and place your feet flat on the floor at a comfortable distance from the ball at about hip-width apart. Place your hands on your knees and keep your back straight and your abdominal muscles engaged.

2. Make sure your back, abdominal and leg muscles all work together to keep you balanced.

3. Reach up overhead with your arms and interlace your fingers.

4. Stay centered without moving your torso for 5 counts.

5. Bend your torso to the left, breathe for 5 counts and go back to centre and repeat to the right side.

6. Repeat  5 more times side to side.

Yoga Ball Workout Series 2

Bridge Pose Leg Rise

This exercise helps give strength to your torso and legs, while keeping in balance. It may not be indicated during the end of your pregnancy.

1. Sit on the yoga ball and then place your hands behind your back while rolling forward with your hips.

2. If you feel steady and strong, walk your feet out so that only your head, neck and shoulders are resting on the ball.

3. Place your hands on the floor for support.

4. Start lifting your hips as high as your shoulders and keep buttocks tight.

5. If you feel balanced, lift your right leg and hold for 5 counts. Repeat with the other leg.

6. To come out of this pose, release your buttocks and let your hips lower slowly down to the floor.

7. Repeat 5 more times. 

Yoga Ball Workout Series 3

Standing Poses

This exercise helps give strength to your legs and hips.

1. Stand next to you yoga ball. Place your left foot on the ball. Place your left hand on your left knee and your right hand on your waste or use a chair for added support. Raise you ankle up and down. Make 8 counts and release 3 times. Repeat on the other side.

2. Stand in from of your yoga ball and place your foot on the ball with your knee bent. Reach with your arms in front of you at the level of your shoulders and interlace your fingers.

3. Bend your standing leg and try to maintain balance. Do this bending motion for 8 times holding for 3 counts each time you bend your knee.

4. Now, stand in front of your yoga ball keeping your legs hip-width-apart and bending your knees.

5. Place  your hands on the ball finding balance.

6. Shift your weight to the left and rise your right leg keeping your knee bent. Your foot is also bent and the sole should face the ceiling. Lower your foot toward the floor and then lift again. Repeat 8 times going up and down.

7. Shift to the right side and rise your left leg 8 times.

8. Place both feet on the floor keeping your knees bend.

9. Slowly come to a standing position.

10. Place your hand in front of your heat in prayer posture.

If you enjoyed these yoga ball workouts, I recommend getting the
Yoga Ball Workout E-Book that teaches you more yoga ball workouts to do during pregnancy.

This is a great tool that teaches important issues of using the yoga ball during pregnancy like:

1. Exercise your pelvic floor muscles for the pushing stage of your birth.

2. Strengths n your core muscles.

3. Prevent injuries.

Many Blessings!

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