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Yoga for Fertility

If You Want To Have A Baby You Must Try Fertility Yoga: Yoga for Fertility Improves Egg and Sperm Quality Increasing Your Odds of Conceiving!

Yoga for fertility can greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant because it increases relaxation, blood flow to the reproductive organs (improving egg and sperm quality) and creates a sense of peace and well being.

Executing specific yoga for fertility poses will definitely help you conceive faster. Also, once pregnant, yoga can help you through your pregnancy increase flexibility and tone your muscles to prepare you for childbirth.

Yoga for fertility is mostly recommended to women, but very few know that this form of exercise can actually increase sperm quality, sperm count and sperm motility in men. Yoga for men helps decrease stress levels that affects male erectile dysfunction and impotence. Practicing yoga is beneficial to both partners when trying to conceive.

Practicing Yoga to Increase Fertility

Many of the poses for fertility can improve glandular function resulting in stabilized hormones. This is why yoga for fertility helps balance hormone levels of estrogen, progesterone, FSH and LH.

The menstrual cycles become more regular and ovulation takes place right at the right time. You will also learn how to breathe properly and how to release excess tension and anxiety.

Even if you have not done yoga before, it is easy to learn and the postures are suited for all situations. You just need to take it easy and persevere.

When you start to feel better, you will continue to practice. Some women become so intrigued by yoga and continue to practice every day.

One day I saw a group of women practicing yoga in the park. What a wonderful way to enjoy nature, feel better and get support!

Fertility Yoga Book

When you are trying to get pregnant your stress levels increase if you cannot achieve your goal as you expected, this state of stress sends negative messages to your body and decreases you fertility.

Learning yoga to help you relax is one of the best things you can do to increase your fertility naturally.

Yoga for conception eBook is a proven relaxation methods to increase your chances of getting pregnant with fertility yoga poses designed for beginners.

This programs includes two yoga for fertility books and a complete video training with email support from Cory Sipper, a professional yoga instructor who developed this amazing program after going through infertility herself.

How I Learned Yoga for Fertility

I started learning yoga after I had an ectopic pregnancy. I was grieving the baby I had lost and because I also almost lost my life, I was also grieving loosing myself.

These emotions were so overwhelming that I felt like I could never recover. I just wanted to sit on the couch watch, TV and feel sorry for myself. One day, while I was flipping through the channels, a yoga master was teaching a yoga class.

I had studied ballet for years and yoga seemed very elegant, gentle and most of all very relaxing. I tried a few poses and right away felt better.

Then I took classes and began practicing daily. Since then, yoga is now part of my daily routine and I practice every day. I always have time for little yoga even if it is only 5 minutes at the time.

Why Yoga for Fertility?

Yoga for Fertility is becoming more and more popular among couples who seek alternative modalities to increase fertility and improve their physical and emotional health. Stress is one of the main causes of low fertility in modern society and finding ways to release stress through yoga is a excellent way to improve fertility.

Yoga for couples to increase conception is becoming more and more available in many yoga centers.

Learning yoga for fertility issues is very important because yoga teaches you how to listen to your body and how to honour your human nature within the infinite wisdom of your soul. Yoga got me off the cough and into my life again. From passively grieving my loss, I became actively caring for myself at the mental, emotional and physical level.

My sadness lifted and my joy of life came to me as a great gift. Not too long after taking up yoga, I realize that I was expecting...

You can be next! Learn yoga for fertility and learn how to release stress and to re-energize your body.

When you practice yoga to increase fertility you are encouraged to do fertility-enhancing poses, which focus on various body parts, like the reproductive organs and pelvic area.

These poses increase blood circulation to the targeted area, stimulating energy. The reproductive region of the body is known as the second chakra, or seat of creation.

Also, there are specific poses designed to soften the abdominal area and clear tension from the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Find your Yoga Space

Find a place to sit where you feel completely at peace. This may be a spot in your home, outdoors, or somewhere else you feel comfortable and free from distractions.

You can decorate this environment with scented candles, images of something that makes you happy, like fresh cut flowers, a picture of a beautiful place you love or a place you have been.

Be creative. By doing this, you will enhance the healing experience yoga can give to your body, your mind and your spirit.

The feeling of peace you experience during your practice will stay with you all day and at night you will notice better sleep. Over time you will be more and more in tune with your body and your body's needs. This is so good for you.

The health benefits of yoga are many: you will feel energized and relaxed after every yoga session, but most importantly you will greately increase your chances of conceiving. 

A comprehensive yoga program created to help couples conceive. Designed for all levels and taught by Anna Davis, Ph.D., RYI, a respected scientist and yoga instructor.

This fertility DVD is based on a new yoga program specifically created to achieve conception. Anna Davis, guides you through a series of physical poses, yogic breathing techniques, visualizations and meditation practices designed to integrate mind, body and spirit to create physical balance.

You will feel reinvigorated, energized and relaxed by learning ways to release stress and promotes fertility and optimal reproductive health.

Fertility Blessings!

Meditations for Fertility

Fertility Monitor for Conception

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