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Yoga Poses For Fertility

Support Ovulation, Relax & Get Pregnant Faster With Yoga!

Which yoga poses help you increase their chances of conception? There are specific poses that can assist your body in getting pregnant faster.

The yoga poses I will be presenting in this article have been used in yoga therapy for many years and are known to stimulate fertility when [practiced regularly.

Please, consult with your health care provider before starting any exercise program. If you are doing in vitro fertilization implantation stage, do not do yoga unless recommended by your fertility medical physician.

Make sure you practice yoga on an empty stomach and at least two horse before or after eating.

Fertility Yoga Book

When you are trying to get pregnant your stress levels increase, especially if you cannot achieve your goal as fast as you expected. This state of stress sends negative messages to your body and may be responsible for decreases your fertility.

In fact, studies have demonstrated how high stress can cause delayed ovulation in women and low sperm count in men. Learning yoga will help you relax and through relaxation your body will be able to stimulate healthy ovulation cycles, balance the hormones and prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

Yoga for Conception eBook teaches fertility yoga poses that are part of a proven yoga relaxation methods that increases fertility and supports healthy conception.

This program includes two yoga for fertility books with complete video training and email support from Cory Sipper, a professional yoga instructor.

Cory developed this amazing program after going through infertility herself. She has a tremendous amount of experience in helping women who are suffering from infertility achieve pregnancy through the daily practice of specific fertility yoga poses.

Yoga Poses For Fertility

There are many yoga poses that can help increase fertility. The following yoga poses are very easy to execute and even beginners can perform them in the comfort of their own home.

If you have never practice yoga before, these yoga poses will give you a taste of what to expect. Please, make sure not to practice yoga during your period and talk to your doctor if you have any medical condition before doing yoga.

Lotus Pose Meditation

This yoga for fertility pose increases focus, releases stress and it's often used during yoga meditation or visualization techniques.

1. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed with the left shin over the right.

2. Place your fingertips on the floor near your hips and use your fingers to help you stretch your back upward.

3. Place your hands on your knees with your palms facing up.

4. Close your eyes.

5. Let your shoulders and your jaw relax.

6. Mentally relax every muscle of your body.

7. Be present and observe your thoughts and feelings as they arise to the surface of your consciousness.

8. Breath and pay attention to your breathing rhythm. Use your breathing to release stress and to help you relax.

9. In your mind's eye see a beautiful flower seed being planted on the ground. Then visualize the flower seedling coming out of the ground and growing into a little flower plant.

Then see the flower slowly blooming into a beautiful flower. Notice the color of the petals. Describe the flower in as many details as possible and keep your focus on it.

10. Sit quietly for as long as you can.

11. To come out of this meditation pose, take a deep breath, open your eyes, wiggle your fingers and toes and smile. The world is waiting for you.

Legs-up-the-wall Pose

Among all the yoga poses for fertility, this is my favorite because it helps release stress locked in your lower back, but most importantly if practiced right after sex, it encourages the sperm to penetrate deeper into the female reproductive organs.

1. Place a folded towel underneath your tailbone while you rest your legs on the wall.

2 Your tailbone should tilt toward the ceiling so that the pubic bone is pointing upward.

3. Your shoulders, arms, and head should be resting on the floor.

4. Once you are in the correct pelvic position, allow the legs to relax by bending the knees allowing the abdominal and pelvic floor to relax completely.

5. Breath slowly using your abdominal muscles.

6. You can stay in this position for at least 20 minutes.

7. Do not practice this pose if you are menstruating.

Supported Bridge Pose

This yoga for fertility pose brings stimulating energy and increased blood supply to your pelvic organs, especially the uterus and the ovaries. Like for many yoga poses, do not do this pose if you are menstruating.

1. Start in a sitting position and slowly roll down vertebra by vertebra until you lie on your back.

2. Bend your knees gently one by one and make sure your feet are flat on the floor.

3. Make sure your face if looking at the ceiling.

4. Place your arms out to the side.

5. Make sure that your tailbone is tilted toward your navel and make sure you are not straining your back.

6. Move your feet toward your buttocks.

7. Slowly push your buttocks off the floor into a bridge pose.

8. Hold your hands behind your back or place a pillow or a blanket underneath your tailbone to prop you up.

7. Start breathing with your belly gently.

8. Stay in this pose as long as it feels comfortable, at least for 3-5 breaths.

9. To come out of this pose, lower your hips to the floor, roll carefully to one side, using your arms to help you slowly come to a sitting position.

Hero Pose

There are many grounding yoga poses, but this one is very simple to execute. It also energizes your lower body and brings power to your mind by increasing focus and concentration. It empowers you and releases any fears that may create mental blocks to conception.

1. Sit on your knees.

2. Lift your buttocks slightly so that you can move your feet apart, placing them just on either side of your buttocks. Keep your knees together.

3. Place the palms of your hands on your lap.

4. Stretch your torso up and look straight ahead.

5. Continue breathing slowly and stay in this pose as long as you want.

Cobra Pose

There are many yoga poses that bring energy and vitality to your reproductive organs, but this one is one of the most effective in increasing blood flow to ovaries and uterus.

1. Lie face down with your feet together and your toes pointing behind you.

2. Place your hands flat on the floor close to your body and beside your rib cage.

3. As you inhale, gently push off your hands, lifting your head and chest off the ground and tilt your head back.

4. Feel your chest moving forward as well as upward, this will help you from straining the lower back. Go as far as it feels comfortable.

5. Exhale and gently move your head toward the floor with your forehead almost touching it.

6. Lift yourself up to a sitting position going through a kneeling position.

Wide Angle Pose

All yoga poses are design to reduces stress and this pose will definitely help you increase relaxation and brings positive energy to the uterus. It also helps open the pelvis.

1. Sit on the floor with your legs wide apart.

2. Do not stretch your legs too much, just find a comfortable position.

3. Make sure you are feeling relaxed.

4. Focus on releasing tension from your legs.

5. Lean forward and go as far as you can. If you are not very flexible you can support yourself with a pillow or a chair.

6. Close your eyes and breath gently with your belly.

7. Stay in this position as long as it feels comfortable.

8. Make sure that your neck and spine are long and straight.

9. Come up a little if you feel like you are stooping forward with your shoulders.

10. Close your eyes, breathe gently, and relax for as long as it feels comfortable.

Bound Angle Pose

All yoga poses increases flexibility, but this one will help you stretch your hips and thighs. It increases circulation to the pelvic area, making this a great yoga exercise to increase fertility and relieve menstrual pain.

1. Sit with your legs straight out in front of you.

2. Bend your knees closer to your body and pull your heels toward your pubic bone.

3. Drop your knees to the sides. Make sure to do this movement gently and slowly. Find the position that is most comfortable for you.

4. Make sure the sole of your feet come together.

5. Hold on to your ankles or if you can, grab your toes. Make sure you are comfortable.

6. Keep your back straight. Lift your breast bone gently upward and lower your shoulders.

7. Stay in this pose for several breaths. Remember to breathe gently and slowly using you abdominal muscles.

8. To come out of this pose, lift your knees up from the floor and straighten your legs in front on you.

Relaxation Pose

This pose is the most relaxing of all the yoga poses. You should always start and end your practice with this pose. If you do not have time for other poses, just do this one.

This pose will help you reduce stress and find a way to connect your mind with your body. Forming this connection as often as possible adds a tremendous healing power to your body.

If you have to choose only one pose to practice to reduce your stress levels and increase the chances of conception, this is the one. Practice it every day for at least 20 minutes. This yoga for fertility pose is indicated for both partners.

Ok, here we go...

1. Lie on the floor and relax.

2. As you relax your body, let your jaw become loose.

3. Close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing pattern.

4. Inhale a long and slow breath, followed by an equally long and slow exhalation.

5. Feel you abdomen lifting during the inhalation and visualize healing and soothing energy of white, pink or orange color fill your pelvic organs.

6. During exhalation, feel you abdomen going down and imagine all the blocks that prevent you from getting pregnant going away.

7. Continue this practice for 5 to ten breaths, and then allow your breathing to assume its own natural rhythm.

8. If your mind wonders and you start to think about things that make you tense or worried, simple acknowledge your thoughts and then send them away during your next exhale.

9. To come out of this yoga pose, bend one knee and roll over to your side.

10. Stay there for a couple of breaths before getting up. Get up slowly.

Fertility Yoga DVD

A comprehensive program of yoga poses created to help couples conceive. Designed for all levels and taught by Anna Davis, Ph.D., RYI, a respected yoga instructor.

I recommend this yoga for fertility DVD to any woman who wants to conceive because it is excellent! It's based on a new yoga program specifically created for women who want to achieve conception faster. Anna Davis is the yoga instructor who designed to amazing program.

In this DVD she guides you through a series of physical poses, yogic breathing techniques, visualizations and meditation practices designed to integrate mind, body and spirit to create physical balance. You will feel reinvigorated, energized and relaxed by learning ways to release stress and promotes fertility and optimal reproductive health.

I hope you decide to use yoga because it's a very valuable tool for any woman who is trying to conceive and the beauty of yoga is that you can continue right up until you are ready to deliver your baby as yoga is gentle for new moms and especially suited for labor preparation.

Fertility Blessings!

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