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Yoga To Get Pregnant Naturally 

There are many reasons to do yoga to get pregnant naturally. By learning the most important yoga poses, you will help your body prepare for healthy pregnancy.

Yoga to Get Pregnant

Doing yoga to get pregnant has so many benefits, and it is a very easy and healthy way to keep your body fit before pregnancy.

You can join a yoga studio near you or find a course online, the choice is yours. Search for online yoga preconception classes to find what is best for your situation.

You will feel much more relaxed after each yoga session. You may notice that your body becomes more flexible while increasing more muscle tone in your legs and arms.

Also, if you suffer from irregular or painful periods, you should experience less painful and more regular menses within a couple of cycles. This will boost your fertility and help you get pregnant faster.

The Benefits Of Yoga to Get Pregnant

The benefits of yoga for fertility are so many. During each class, you will learn a flowing series of yoga sequences, hand positions, and meditative breathing techniques, all designed to increase fertility by restoring physical, emotional and mental balance.

Yoga brings your reproductive system back into balance and releases the negative effects of stress in a way that encourages successful conception.

Yoga classes are meant to increase your chances of getting pregnant by using the flow of yoga movements. Yoga flow movements are known to promote relaxation, increase blood flow to the reproductive organs while improving egg quality and stimulating hormonal balance.

Studies have shown the benefits of achieving hormonal balance, using yoga to get pregnant because yoga poses create emotional, mental harmony in the body, which in turn turns regulates hormonal production. 

Getting Pregnant with Yoga

Yoga to Get Pregnant Helps to Decrease The Hormones Of Stress 

The number one enemy of healthy ovulatory cycles is stress. In my opinion, doing yoga to get pregnant is the best way to enhance fertility because it teaches you how to prevent stress and deal with stress.

In many studies, it has been shown how the stress of trying to conceive triggers stress hormones to increase to dangerous high levels that disrupt the reproductive hormonal balance.

Yoga helps you how to avoid stress while guiding you through deep relaxation poses that help you deal with the physical and mental stress of getting pregnant.

Yoga Relaxation Fertility

Fertility Yoga Is Designed For All Levels

If you have never practiced Yoga in your life, do not worry because most yoga classes are ideal for all levels of flexibility and can help you build strength.

You will be shown clearly how to execute each pose for your level of fitness. You will also learn how to use your breathing to release tension and bring more oxygen to your organs, cells and tissues.

If you have any medical condition, talk to your family physician before doing yoga or any other type of exercise.

Why I Love Yoga: My Fertility Story

I personally love to practice yoga and I get so much benefit from executing simple flowing yoga poses. No other form of movement and relaxation exercise can create the same level of mind and body balance.

I notice that when I practice yoga, I shift to a level of quietness and awareness of myself that is stress-free and full of healing potential at all levels of my being. It is truly a state of peace at the mental, emotional and physical level.

I know you will experience the same feeling, which will help you through your conception journey, just like it happened to me. After practicing yoga to get pregnant, my first son finally arrived after years of infertility.

That's why I firmly believe that yoga for infertility is a very valuable tool.

I did follow other fertility natural therapies while trying to conceive, but only Yoga truly gave me that deep sense of relaxation and inner power that supported me through my journey.

I recommend you try it, and like in my case, you too might be surprised of the outcome!

"A gentle yoga practice that includes physical poses, breath modulation, guided meditation, visualization, and chanting."

I also recommend talking to a yoga teacher that can show you specific yoga poses that stretch, strengthen and bring awareness to the muscles surrounding the reproductive organs.

In yoga, the breath is key. You will also learn how to link your breathing with the yoga movements in order to trigger a "relaxation response" in your body.

Each yoga session should be followed by a guided meditation with soothing visualizations and a final relaxation. I strongly recommend a mind-Body Fertility program like Circle and Bloom.

Yoga allows your inner creative forces to come forth because you learn to release stress and all the worries of your daily life. Do not forget, the biggest stress that hinders fertility is the stress of trying to conceive!

Many couples achieve pregnancy after many years of trying, when they finally surrender to their destiny, or maybe because they simply release the stress of getting pregnant.

Fertility Blessings!

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